Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas is Over and the New Year now Dawns

Dec. 31, 2006

Dear ones,
Well! I've had a busy, yet perfectly lovely Christmastime. Christmas Eve was enjoyed here at home with two couples from the Church, filled with sharing and Bible-reading, fun, laughter, and tradition. Waking up Christmas morning, I found all was at peace in my world, and we spent a gentle morning together, just the three of us, opening a few presents together, and drinking egg nog with the advent candles lit. 'T'was really a blessed time. Thank you Jesus!

In the way of other events, we had a games night here on Friday, again filled with many laughs as we played 'dictionary' most of the evening. What a blast! We found out this week that a dear friend of ours who we haven't seen for a couple years at least past away on Christmas Eve. He was a dear brother in Christ with a strong Christian wife, and really it hasn't been that hard, knowing that he is where he always wanted to be - with his Saviour. There is no mourning in the Lord!

Now, a New Year is about to dawn. It is - as Anne would say - "A new year with no mistakes in it yet." Oh, dear Lord, how I want to grow closer to you this year, and to have a greater impact for you, on those I come into conact with. It's a great responsibility, I believe, to be given such a fresh gift as a brand new year, to fill with worthwhile activities and meaningful relationships. I have grown and matured so much this year! It really has been the first year in a very long time that I haven't grown more than a centimeter in height, but I feel so much more mature on the inside than I did at the beginning of 2006. My heart is full of expectations, dreams, and desires, and I hope that somehow I can gain merely a stepping-stone towards those goals this year. I feel 2006 has been my last full year of childhood. I will never cease being childlike, but even Anne acknowledged that 15 was the first step towards adulthood. Why, she once when 17, exclaimed: "I've really only been grown-uppish for 3 years!" This season is at twilight, and a new one is about to dawn. I pray that I will be ready for whatever it brings.


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