Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Little Miracle! Meet Peep!

• May. 22, 2007

So, this morning my Mom was driving back from some errands, and found a little baby birdie sitting in the middle of the road! She took him home, and we made him happy in a little cage for a while, and then we tried to let him free in the bush, but he kept trying to fly and then falling of a branch! So later we took him and put him in a safer, flatter spot. He was still 'cheep cheep-ing' then, so hopefully his Mommy found him! Here are some pictures and two videos! :)

The moment we released him...poor little guy!

In his little hamster cage!

With a twig...

The seeds he didn't eat. :)

It's like us in God's hands, isn't it?

The first time we (tried to) set him free!

(Keep in mind that I think he's cute, so my voice is, naturally, cutsie! I don't sound like that normally! :P )

I hope you enjoy him almost as much as we did! Pray that his Mommy found him and that he'll be okay. He's such a little guy! :-)

In Christ,

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