Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clarification and suspense building...

• Oct. 31, 2007

Hello out there!

Clarification about 'Random Day', specifically for 'Poetess', who is apparently otherwise nameless. :D

'Random Day' is a silly tradition I started on my blog last October 30th, just for fun, to post some random item (Last year it was smileys) on my blog, just for fun. (Just for fun. :) I used to post random posts all the time, but I try to be slightly more profound now. (Hmmm...) The 'Random Day' gives me one day a year where I can post a totally nonsensical post, just for fun. (Just for fun. :) So, I decided, as I've been working on scales, to post scales. It certainly is random, is it not? :) Just for kicks, you see. :) I'm really not that ridiculous on here all the time. {Grin}

And...I meant to post this yesterday. I will soon be posting a series of two or three posts on music! I will be posting audio clips of me playing, my thoughts on music, recent musical experiences etc. I know I have elaborated on this before, but it was more in the realm of 'what I've done this year'. This time it will be more general, directed at anyone with the vaguest interest in all things musical! I hope you'll return soon to check it out! :)

God bless you all,
Until next time,

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