Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Grew Up

Dear blogging universe,

Wow, what a week this has been so far. As some of you know, I took a little trip on my own! I traveled by ferry to a small island between here (Vancouver Island), and the coast of mainland British Columbia to visit my piano teacher (who usually gives me lessons when she comes over to Vancouver Island once a week) and take some history and harmony with her. I had a gorgeous day for travel, as it was sunny and clear, and the water was completely still. The picture above was taken from the ferry. Isn't it amazing? What a wonderful Creator we have!!! Here is another photo taken off the back of the boat. The waves you see are from the wake; the water you see in the distance is what the beautiful quality of the ocean really was.

The island was so peaceful and quiet, and I learned so much! As I read that sentence, I realize that not only did I learn an amazing amount of musical knowledge, but I discovered that I am no longer afraid when I am 'out in the big world' alone. What an encouragement.

Yesterday I went to my flute lesson. So beautiful! First I had a practice with my piano accompanist, and when I finished playing, Jen, my teacher, was crying. Oh my goodness...that melted my heart. Thank you! I listened to the recording after, and you know, I think I achieved the sound I've been aiming for the last couple weeks. It just 'happened'. The one time I wasn't trying, the sound spontaneously erupted from somewhere within me. Wow, I love moments like those.

I then had a lovely flute lesson, and between lesson and trio practice (which was also wonderful and such a hoot), Jenni suggested we walk down to the coffee shop! Ah! Of course! So we walked down and went into this cute little wool shop and looked at all sorts of knitt-y and crochet-ish things, and popped into the coffee shop (where I didn't get a coffee: hazelnut steamed milk...mmmm) and promptly walked back with our drinks. She kept insisting I take a piece of her tart. You won, Jen. :P

That 10 minute excursion grew me up too. I know I'm 15, and I don't claim to be adult yet at all--I wouldn't want to be!--but I can walk down the street with an adult that's not my parent, and it's okay, it's...normal.

I'm not grown up yet--give me a few more years--but I'm growing up, and this week I took a little leap. Six months or a year ago I would have been scared out of my skin to go on my own to an odd little island where I could meet any sort of people, but I did it! I boarded that ferry with none but a tad of nervousness, and when I saw the beauty around me, it faded away. I was confident. Would I have been truly comfortable wandering down a little alley with an adult who wasn't my own parent a year ago? Would I have felt free to accept that piece of tart? I don't know. I really don't know, but I did it yesterday!!!

What amazing gifts God gives us! I thank Him for those moments, those excursions, those revelations from Him of what He has accomplished in me. They make the small things look so much more significant don't they? What better time to notice the small things than at Christmastime, when the most precious small thing--our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ--entered the world in a small stable in a small town in the middle of nowhere. That, my friend is love. That small babe who lay in the dirt and smell of an ox's stall lay there because He loved you.

Next time a small but amazing thing comes your way, one that simply knocks your socks off and maybe even grows you up a bit, think of that little child. The price He paid was paid for you.

May you have a blessed Christmastime!



~Bryant said...

I get nervous to do things by myself sometimes! I always prefer to do hard things with someone, like my sister or a friend.
Even though it's hard, I know it "grows me up a bit." And then I remeber all the hard (much harder) things the Lord did for me, and I don't feel quite so nervous!
Great post!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I sometimes get nervous doing things by myself, but it's not always that hard.

My biggest thing is coming out of my shell around people I don't know very well. I tend to just keep quiet and stay in the background.

Bravo on your flute lesson! I would love to have a lesson from your teacher someday (okay, so I'm dreaming!). :)
I'd also love to hear you play.

Sheila said...

Thank you Miriam!

Yes, she's an AMAZING person! Actually, I don't know if you know about this, but you can have one-on-one online tutoring with her! The information is here:

That way you can do things like send her a recording of yourself playing something, and she can help you and critique it, and you can chat about questions and all sorts of things with her. Very neat idea. You would probably learn tons! I always learn something at lessons. Bar none! Wonderful. :D

God bless,

Anna Naomi said...

Beautiful pictures!

I know the feeling of growing up... these past two years have really seen me going all over the place by myself. I think it mainly happened when I began to drive and Elijah left for college. Sometimes Jubi's with me, but more often then not, I'm going to lessons, running errands, etc. alone. Sometimes it's scary - I still love being with my family most of all - but I've come to be able to go most anywhere.

It's funny - when my "twin" Jen was here, we went sightseeing in the capitol city of Alabama, just the two of us. It was strange being out by ourselves! I kept asking myself, "Are we really old enough to be doing this?" =)

Anders Viking said...

The way you described the ferry trip between the islands really refreshed my memories of when I took that trip from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. And yes, in white. It was an amazing Creation spectacle to see all those islands we dodged. The deck was covered with snow...what a sight!

I have a 14 year-old cousin that plays the flute as well...nice reading about that too!

It's been a joy seeing a fellow Canadian drop in for a visit!

Take care and have a Merry Christmas! God bless!