Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excellence Award

Good friends,

First off, I just thought I would say thank you to Elizabeth for this award!

I'm not going to tag anyone, just because I'm tired of the tagging scene right now. If I come accross some special blog that just yearns for this award, I'll give it to them. :)

I am working on another post, but I'm busy, and I want to write in my diary a bit about it first. :) So give me a day or two, it's coming.

***EDIT*** Okay, as I said in the comments, I was just over crying when I posted this post (yeah, I'm okay...just being emotional) and totally forgot about Erica's blog, which is seriously one of my all-time favourite blogs to visit! So Erica, I love you tons...and present you witht this blog award! Erica's blog:

Actually...If you are a SOA and have a get the award. You all have such awesome blogs! Why didn't I think of that before? Even when I saw Erica's comment? Just a little slow of brain I guess! (I believe that would be Nella (, Lisa ( and Emma...but her blog's private I believe. You still get it though, Emma!

God bless you all,



Mariah said...

Congratulations Sheila!

Cowgirl_E said...

Okay, so it's not like I've ever gotten a blog award or anything...

...but I almost felt honored that you put me on your blogroll.

Thanks, Sheila. You're sweet. I even had someone new comment on my blog, and I think they found mine through yours!

Sheila said...

Awww, Erica, that's sweet! Okay...I officially am giving you the award! Why didn't I think of your blog? *Hits self on head* seriously, I was just barely over crying when I posted the post. Guess that's why.