Thursday, January 3, 2008


Dear Fellow Web-people,

This is me:

It is truly amazing how much we glean from our families. Not only in learning everyday truths, but in the features on one's face, and the personalities we have. The combinations are always unique. Isn't that amazing?

I find this amazing! Look, see what an amazing thing God has created? A quick comparison now, with a picture of my Dad's Mom (my Omi), when she was in her early twenties:

What a beautiful young woman! I see the similarities, but I'm unique!

My Mom when she was 14, in 10th grade, 1976.

Wow! I love comparing these things, and discovering, once again, the miracle of creation that God has worked. He knit me together in my mother's womb, truly. A little bit of my Dad's side, and a little bit of my Mom's side, perfectly mixed in perfect proportions!

I'm young now, and can marvel in these things, but as I grow older, I want to still be mindful of the amazing thing He created in me. This is a picture of Omi (The lady shown above in black and white), when she was 80-ish.

Sweet, God-fearing lady, and I admire her very much. The are many more wrinkles than the first picture of her, but her beauty is just as lovely there, in a different way. She has gone to be with Jesus now, and I will always treasure my memories of her. Family, what a sweet word, when they love you!

Here I am, and I'm growing, and when I grow old, I want the beauty that comes from serving the Lord to follow.

I have amazing parents, and it is a joy to be a unique combination of them in so many ways. Someone mentioned in the comments to this post (and hence the reason for this additional paragraph), that I don't mention my parents much. I must sincerely apologize. It is not in any way because I don't want to talk about them, I just get thinking and end up only writing down those 'deep' thoughts here. I write a lot more things in my Diary too, and to be honest, sometimes I get mixed up as to what I've written where. :) I love my parents to death, without them I wouldn't be here, and I am so blessed to have them in my life, to share things with, to do things with, to learn from. Thank you for the reminder to keep everyone updated not only on what I am doing, but how everyone else around me is relating to it. Thanks!

May we all cling to our families, the miracles God has done, and the grace of growing old. :D

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!! I was beginning to wonder if you had parents. You never talk about them but you clearly were not raised by wolves either. ;) It is nice to see everyone.

Sheila said...

Thanks anonymous! You're right, I don't talk about them much here. No particular reason, really, I have amazing parents, and I love them very much. :D I'm sorry!

Please tell me who you are! I like to know who the nice comments are from. :)


Mariah said...

Great pics Sheila! Love them all!

Cowgirl_E said...

You are a gorgous person. That's all I have to say.

~Bryant said...

Lovely portraits! I especially like the last one.
My grandmother showed me a photo of herself when she was 16 (my age). She looks so much older, it's amazing!

Would you mind if I added a link to your blog to my Links page?

Miss Elizabeth said...

Hey Sheila,

I am so sorry I have not commented you in such a long time. To improve that I will bookmark you blog that way I'll check almost everyday. I really miss you not being on HSB!!

That was an excellent post!! You are absolutely beautful and you certainly do look a lot like your mother!! My mom showed a picture of her when she was my age and she looked a lot like me. It's amazing!!

Well, I hope you and your family had a wonderful year and may this New Year, 2008, be wonderful and a blessed one. Have a great day and God bless!

Love in Christ Alone, Miss Elizabeth

Lisa said...

The photos are really good! Who took them?

Mom said...

As the mother of this delightful and lovely young lady, I would just like to say how proud her dad and I are of Sheila! She says we are terrific, but you know, she is more terrific than the two of us put together, and then some. What a joy to have a daughter who truely loves the Lord Jesus and tries to walk with Him and for Him day by day, with His help. What a blessing you are Sheila, to so many, in so many ways. We thank God for you!

Maria Pauline said...

Have I told you how beautiful you are? Your whole spirit radiates with heavenly grace! You really are a daughter of the King. I love the pictures! Keep posting them and your uplifting writings.