Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Live in BC... :D

Okay, Erica put a list on her blog of 'how you know you live in Nebraska'. Well, since I don't live in Nebraska, I scrounged out this list for...British Columbia! Yay! I don't usually do these things, but I felt silly. :P

So when you see that a number is missing, it's just because it made absolutely no sense or was tasteless, so I omitted it. I'll respond in italics in brackets if I like it. :D

1. You know the provincial flower: the dogwood (Yep!)

2. You can taste the difference between Tim Hortons, Second Cup, and Seattle’s Best. (Um, What's Second cup and Seattle's Best? I've only ever heard of Tim Horton's, and it's a disgrace! :P )

6. You point out Vancouver landmarks in nearly every movie and TV show. (We don't have TV, but it is a good spot for shooting movies/etc.!)

7. You don’t understand why Manitoba and Saskatchewan are considered western Canada. (Good question...goodness, they're in the middle!)

8. While driving on your morning commute, you switch between heat and air conditioning multiple times. (Never done that, but depending where in BC you are, I guess that could be the case)

9. You consider 2 *C freezing cold. (Well, it is!!!)

10. You know that there is actually a town called Dawson Creek. (And why wouldn't I? :D )

11. You know how to distinguish between the different types of Asian food. (Yep, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, we've got it all!)

12. You know how to pronounce Squamish, Osoyoos, Ucluelet, Esquimalt, Sooke & Nanaimo. (Yeah. Squamish: SkwAA-mish, Osoyoos: Oh-SOO-use, Ucluelet: Yoo-CLUE-let, Esquimalt: ESS-skwa-ee-malt [almost...hard to write out], Sooke: Suk, Nanaimo: Nan-AEE-moe. We live about 30-40 mins from Nanaimo, and I take flute there.)

14. You still believe the Canucks have a shot at winning the stanley cup. (Hey, I'm not into hockey, but why not? They're good!)

15. You can point out at least two ski resorts, even if the city is coated in fog. (Not sure what fog has to do with it, but let's point out Mount Washington [where I ski], and Whistler. :) )

16. A nice day means when you can see the mountains. (And they sure are pretty!)

17. You go bankrupt from paying your rent. (If I tried to pay rent, I'd go bankrupt, yeah.)

18. You have come to accept that there are only two seasons. (Cold and rainy, Warm and dry)

19. Cold and Rainy, and Warm and dry. (Isn't that what I said?)

20. You don’t understand what’s so great about Toronto. (Pronounced: 'Tronno' when spoken quickly. It's nice enough, but it's just a big city. ;) )

22. You never go camping without waterproof matches and a 100% water proof raincoat. (We don't camp much, but I'd LOVE to, and yes, I'd bring both, as you never know when it might rain. ;) )

23. You know more people with boats than air conditioners. (Yesssss!!!!! Nobody has an air conditioner in their house! Lots of people have boats that they throw way too much money into! Smart! :P )

24. You have trouble figuring out why french is an official language or why we have to learn it in school. (No, I love French, and I'm proud to have it as an official language, and I love learning it. I just don't hear it much around here.)

25. You swear that you’re in China or Japan. (In downtown Vancouver, yes.)

27. Your premier was convicted of drunk driving. (Yeah, how embarrassing is that?!)

28. You know what venti and a macchiato are. (Isn't that Starbucks, and isn't Starbucks international?)

29. You ski and play golf in the same day. (I don't golf, but if I did, why not? Go up to the mountain and ski until 3:30 when the mountain closes, then go home and golf!)

30. You are aware that Surrey, New West, Burnaby, Delta, Port Moody, North Van, West Van, White Rock, Abbostford, Langley and Richmond are NOT part of the City of Vancouver. (True, but it can be confusing.)

31. You’re confused when people from anywhere else say that the hill you just walked up is a mountain. (Seriously, if I just climbed up it, it isn't a mountain!!!!!)

32. You think that Atlantic Salmon doesn’t even deserve to be called salmon when compared to Pacific Salmon. (I'm not a huge Salmon eater, but it's okay. I've never tried Atlantic Salmon, but I'd bet ours would beat it. :D )

33. You’ve had a California roll for lunch. (Yeah, but they aren't my favourite.)

34. You take the bus and are shocked to hear two people carrying on a conversation in English. (That might be true in Vancouver or something, where there are a lot of Asians speaking whatever language they speak...such a profound statement.)

35. You don’t even listen when the forecast announces “chance of showers.” (Why should I?)

36. The more expensive the car, the worse the driver. (I think that's the same everywhere.)

37. when you get more excited about the canucks making the playoffs than you do about the olympics coming to Vanouver. (Hey! That's nasty!!!)

38. Have to take a ferry to get to your capital city. (Actually, I don't. See, Victoria is the capitol of British Columbia, and Victoria is on Vancouver Island. So for a lot of people in BC, they have to take the ferry to the Island, but as I actually live on the island myself, I don't have to take the ferry.)

39. You are aware that Vancouver and Vancouver Island are not one in the same. (If I wasn't, I would be a very confused person. Haha!!!)

40. You’re legally an adult, but you still can only drive with one passenger in the car. (Well, yeah, for the first year when you have your Learners license ['L'], you have to have a person with a driver's license sitting next to you, and you can only have one non-family member in the car. So, that is sort of true. And you can get your 'L' when you turn 16, which is sort of adult according to when you can get an 'adult' passport, anyway. Major bummer because you can start driving at 14 in Alberta!)

Magnetic Label for the back of the car.

41. You can tell the difference between the fresh mountain air and the air in other provinces right when you get out of the airport. ( :) True!)

43. You consider a week with no rain to be “good weather”. (Pretty much! Except in the Summer, then it's often quite dry. Remember the two season rule?)

44. You drink the tap water. (Of course! It's tasty! We have fabulous water, I love it.)

46. The only time you can get a tan is if you go to a tanning salon. (No, we may have more rainy weather here than elsewhere, but in the Summer I do get a nice tan.)

47. When at any given time about 90% of people you pass on the street are wearing either LuLuLemmon or Mountain Equipment Co-Op clothing. (I've seen this, but what does it have to do with BC?)

51. you are SHOCKED to hear someone speaking French. (Not shocked, it is an official language after all, but I do wish I heard it more.)

52. Every time you go out you see at least two people pulled over for speeding/street racing. (Almost! Rather sad.)

53. You can’t stand when someone from outside Canada asks if your from Toronto. (Well, I'm not! It's like when you have told someone you are from Switzerland [I was born there, and lived there for my first year, and my Dad was raised there.], and then later they ask you if you were the one who was Swedish...aaaaggghhhh!!!)

54. You ask Albertans if they really have ski slopes. (They don't. They might have ski 'bumps', but that's it! ;) )

55. The police don’t respond to a crime scene because they are busy trying to find any reason to pull over a “N” license driver. Note: 'N' stands for 'Novice', and it is what comes after 'L', and then you can drive alone, but you still have a few restrictions and have to pay bigger fines. You have it for 2 years before you can get a full license. (Why, because they have to pay more?)

Magnetic label for the back of the car.

57. You know in Greater Vancouver that West Van, the west side, and the west end are all different places. (Yep!)

58. There are few things you hate more then following people from other provinces on the highway because they aren’t use to all the turning. (Well, it's not quite that bad, but they usually are slowpokes from the prairies. ;) )

60. You chuckle when you say the words “fast ferries” (I chuckled when I read this!!! Fast ferries [or FastCats for 'Fast Catamerans'] were BCferries' attempt at having faster, bigger, etc. ferries, but they weren't allowed to take them any faster than the old ferries, they were always needing repairs, and were an all-around, total flop!)

The three idle.

61. the news has extensive coverage of just how badly people in Vancouver can drive in 8 cms of snow. (Hahaha! Kids get to stay home from school when there are a few centimeters of snow on the ground!!!)

62. You get a harsher punishment for having an extra passenger when you have an 'L' license than your premier does for driving drunk. (Is that crazy or what?)

63. You leave the province to see the rest of Canada, you realize that there is nothing better to see. (Almost! BC is certainly very picturesque, but I love the prairies too.)

65. You assume cab fares will cost a minimum of $25. (I haven't ridden in too many, but I would guess about that.)

68. Your license is the hardest to fake of any province. (Is it? Cool!!!)

69. You’re surprised and frustrated to have to pay for the luggage carts when you get to any other airport. (Are you serious? That's crazy!)

70. You know that it’s “Science World”, not the “Telus World of Science”. (Uh, yeah, what does Telus [major phone company] have to do with it?)

71. When you don’t like the weather you go inside and wait 15 minutes for it to change. (HAHA!!! Seriously, I do that all the time!)

73. You're driving on the highway where the speed in the left lane is slower than the right lane. (I've seen it many-a-time! Not marked, of course, but people do it.)

73. You have been lost in the woods on several occasions, you know you will be again, and you’re okay with that. (Actually, I've only been lost in the woods once. Usually I use trails.)

74. You think $1.00/L is cheap for gas. (My goodness, yes, right now it is, I guess. I remember when it was 60 cents/L!)

75. You think about hockey when the word ‘riot’ is brought up. (I do. Sad!)

76. if you know what Gore-tex is and why it’s important, if all your coats have hoods, and/or if you’ve spent more than 90 dollars on a rain jacket. (I do sort of know, I think it's some sort of water-resistant coating for jackets or something. Yes, I've spent more than $90 on a jacket, but it was more of a ski jacket.)

79. You know what being “beyond Hope” means. (That is too funny! Hope is a little town you go through on the way to Kelowna.)

80. Forest Fires are almost a tradition - just like Thanksgiving. (Yep, but fortunately we haven't had one on Vancouver Island that was too serious. Everywhere else is bad though.)

82. You return by plane and the first things you say is: “I can BREATHE!” (After being in a smoggy place, yes. After coming home from somewhere like Switzerland, no. But I haven't been there in a long time.)

83. The first time you drive through the prairies you see no mountain, no trees, no ocean — and promptly have a panic attack. (I did, seriously. It was very creepy looking up and not seeing mountains. I felt so un-protected, but I grew to like them very much. So open and free!)

84. You use the parking brake whenever you park because in because you’re always automatically parked on an incline. (Not really, but in some places maybe.)

85. The three main universities are on an island, peninsula and mountain top. (Yep!)

87. You laugh when snow is mentioned in Victoria’s weather forecast, and laugh harder when someone actually believes it. (I'm skeptical, but it does come sometimes. Believe it or not, we had approx. 6 feet in 1996. But that is really, really rare. Last year we had a total of about 3 cm of snow.)

88. You know that Mt Washington isn’t actually in Washington. (Yeah. I ski there.)

A picture of the slopes at Mt. Washington.

90. You’ve heard about “the big one” and you just couldn’t care less. (As in fishing...yeah, I couldn't care, but mostly because I'm not into fishing.)

91. You actually pull over to the right and slow down as soon as you faintly hear a siren. (We do, and it's such a neat system! I love it. Everyone slows down, everyone is on the side of the road, the ambulance passes, and everything goes back to normal. If they don't do that everywhere, I didn't know that. They do, don't they?)

92. You could read a decent size novel before you’re admitted into the hospital. (I don't think that's so localized either, but it is crazy.)

93. You know how scary it is to drive next to a loaded logging truck. (OH YES!!! Either speed up and get in front of them, or slow down and get way behind them.)

Perhaps not on that creepy logging road though!

94. You can’t stand Albertan drivers. Not to mention getting stuck behind them on the Sea-to-Sky. (Didn't we already cover this? They're slow. Otherwise they're nice! :) )

95. (mostly Vancouver) You find yourself giving half hour long explanations on what the SkyTrain is. (I don't live in Vancouver, so I've never given explanations, and I don't know why it would take 1/2 an hour, but it's a train-ish thing that runs on big rail-ish things above ground around the city. Sort of. Okay, I get why it's hard to explain. :) )

96. You can identify all the gulf islands from the ferry terminal names (Ferry terminal names: Departure bay, Horseshoe bay, Duke Point, Tsawassen, Schwarts Bay, etc. A few Gulf Island names: Lasqueti Island, Quadra Island, Cortes Island, Hornby Island, Gabriola Island, Saltspring Island, Denman Island, Pender Island, etc. etc. etc...)

97. The only thing you like about Quebec is the maple syrup. (ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I love Quebec and most Quebec things. Note that Quebec is pronouned 'Ke-BEK', not 'KWU-bek'.)

98. Your capital city doesnt have enough ploughs for a snow storm. (It happened in 1996.)

99. You can recite the BC Ferries safety announcement by heart. ("Thank you for boarding BC ferries, please make your way from the main car deck to the passenger deck. On the passenger deck is the Passages Gift shop...children's life vests are located in such-and-such a place... etc... [not quite right, but you get the gist] )

101. You know you’re in B.C. when you find a bear in your backyard then walk to the Starbucks a few blocks away while you wait for the bear to leave. (Not really, but almost! There have been a few cougar sightings around here actually. About 6 months ago, there was one in some neighboourhood jumping around from the roofs to the patios!)

102. you know that an “1 1/2 hour ferry” really means 3 hours. Time to get to the ferry, wait for the ferry, get on the ferry, eat in the buffet on the ferry, and then wait for the broken down VW to get off the ferry. (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! So true! Not to mention the clogged roads when you get off the ferry from all the ferry traffic!)

104. You’ve paid $6 for an full meal of sushi. (Sure!)

105. You are surprised when people tell you they don’t ski or snowboard. (A lot of people do, but I actually only started last year. :( )

106. You watch the weather report for a good laugh. (Yep, that would probably do it!)

107. You can pick out the Albertan drivers in disguise as one of us. (Whoever wrote this thing had prairie drivers on the mind! Hopefully they didn't write it while behind one!)

108. You’ve managed to convince people in florida you live in an igloo and have a pet polar bear. (HAHAHAHA!!!!! I remember my Mom joking on a homeschool forum about going to get the sled dogs in. Of course, it was simply a joke, she wasn't trying to make someone actually believe it. If we lived in igloos, we'd have no homes. They'd have all melted!)

110. you know that the only thing beyond Hope is Hell’s Gate (I just looked up
Hell's Gate and it's really neat! That is such a hilarious play on words too. :) )

So that's that! I live in British Columbia, and I love it. One day I'd love to live on the prairies or something, but this is where God has me right now, and I'm happy. Yay! Sorry that was so long, I had no idea!



PS. I've had some very nice comments (You can read them! :) ) from Anonymous commenters, and I'd love to know who you are! Please tell! :D


Tiffany said...

Hey Sheila! :)

Those were hilarious!! I loved the ones about weather and the one that said, "You’ve managed to convince people in florida you live in an igloo and have a pet polar bear." cracked me up! :D Thanks for sharing!

SOA friend,


~Bryant said...

So fun! They were quite detailed, and quite a few!

Did you come up with them your self?

Sheila said...

Goodness, no! Like I said, I ommitted some of the weird ones, because someone else came up with them all. :) Just googled for it. :)

Thanks! It was fun. Took forever could say it was a waste of an hour. :P

Mariah said...

Hey Sheila!
I enjoyed reading those! Lots of fun. I don't think I would have all the patience to write it out, lol.

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

I've never been to BC, but it sure sounds like an interesting place! I'm a friend of Erica's, is it alright if I visit here? You can visit my blog if you like, there's a link to it from Erica's.


An Old Fashioned Girl said...

Actually, there sin't a link on Erica's blog so here's my address sorry!

Sheila said...

Of course you are welcome to visit here, Lydia! I'm happy to have you. :)

You have a lovely blog, thank you for linking! I was searching for it before (after seeing your comments on Erica's blog), but couldn't seem to find it. Glad I have now. :)

Thanks again,