Friday, January 25, 2008

My Music

Hello out there! This is my newest addition: a post for today, and a page for my page list just to the right on the sidebar. :) It will be updated as there are things to update


Just for those interested, but who don't have time to skim through ALL my music posts, here is a quick overview of what I'm currently doing in music.

My teachers (click on the name for the website, if applicable):

Susan Morrison - Piano

Fabulous teachers, all of them. Absolutely amazing, and a quick trivia fact for you. ALL of them currently live or have lived recently on gulf islands and so in my books, they are all 'Island People'. LOVE it. :)

My Flute story:

Got my first flute when I was 9, played for a year, taking some lessons, and enjoying it at least for the most part, but my memories are somehow vague of what I was doing with the flute, and then I dropped it for a year when I was 10, which was the 'year of the despicable flute'. ;) When I was 11 I joined a local school band, which wasn't the greatest in regards to peer influence, but I enjoyed it, and at least kept up with flute. It was a fun year and a half. In that band class, we were once assigned to do projects on different instruments. The group that did a project on flute had Jennifer Cluff's picture on the poster. Little did I know that within a year I would be taking lessons with the very same lady! We moved, and I did, and I have progressed from a not-so-great Grade 5 or 6 flutist to a Grade 9 (of 10 grades, and I'm on the verge of Grade 10, playing some of both) flutist today. I love this instrument, it is truly my first love.

My Piano story:

When I was 4, I joined Music for Young Children, and had great fun. I began private lessons at age 5, and have had I think 5 teachers since, some good, some bad, and the current one fabulous. Mrs. Morrison is amazing! When I was about 12, I had some bad run-ins with teachers, and just played in Jazz band for a year. Then we moved, and I found Mrs. Morrison! Unfortunately, she moved to a small gulf island during our first summer, and decided to semi-retire. I had a horrible year with another teacher, and Mrs. Morrison then happily agreed to take me back on her grocery trips to Vancouver Island once a week, so I have lessons at my house! Let me tell, you, it's been a rough road getting this far, but I'm now starting some Grade 10 repertoire, and it is worth it. I have no one but my parents to thank for pushing me through the hard times, and encouraging me to keep it up.

My Voice story:

When I was 6 or 7, I had the opportunity to take some voice lessons, and in my tiny person stubbornness I refused. I've always regretted that decision, however I did participate in a children's choir from age 7 to 12, and had great fun. When we moved here, I tried another choir, but nothing much came of it, and this past year tried a really awful choir that I could have lead better (and I do not profess to be any sort of professional in the choir conducting business! I have no idea whatsoever, besides not ever having learned to properly sing!), so I asked my piano teacher for local choir suggestions. She mentioned that Rosemary Lindsay used to live on their little island, and had directed the choir over there, and taught Mrs. Morrison herself for quite a while, and was amazingly fabulous. I tried the choir two weeks, and I agree. This caused me to realize that what I've been waiting for for a long time (a decent voice teacher) had just fallen into my lap, and she wasn't just decent, but absolutely incredible. I had my first voice lesson in all history today, and I am very happy. I have a LONG way to go, but I think it will be exciting.

So there you go. Everything about my music teachers and what I've done so far. We have to drive some distance for some of my lessons, but it's worth it. :)

Current RCM courses I am taking:

Grade 3 (I think...) Harmony

History 4

Don't be fooled, they are HUGE (basically they are first year college or university courses) in every way imaginable, but I enjoy it.

Speaking of which, I have some history to do.

God bless, and thanks for reading!



Maria Pauline said...

That's really cool Sheila! God has really given you the gift of music.


Mariah said...

Hey there girl! I enjoyed reading about your music experiences! I'm so glad you found a great voice teacher!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I love reading about other's journeys in music! I enjoy reading everything you write, Sheila. Especially when it's about flutey things. =)

Sheila said...

Maria...Mariah...Miriam. Haha, that's fun!

Anyway, thank you girls! I enjoy your musical stories too, Miriam. We need to hear more! :D

God bless,

Miss Elizabeth said...

You have been awarded, please check out my blog for more details!! Congrats!!

Love, Miss Elizabeth

Jill said...

Hey, Sheila! This is Jill from The Rebelution. I have a site similar to this, only it's on Yahoo. Here's the link if you want to visit my page:

I'm still trying to figure out how this stuff works! lol God bless you!

~Bryant said...

Thank you for sharing this post! I echo what Miriam said. I, too enjoy reading about other's musical journeys!

Blessings always!