Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Recipe: 1 homegrown girlie!

This is a recipe for one homegrown girl, and that would be me. :P Here is a list of ingredients, and all about them!

Ingredient number one:

Island girlie!
I was born in Switzerland, but we moved back to Canada (by back, I mean, my parents were married here, and my Mom grew up in Canada, my Dad's from Switzerland) when I was just 1 1/2 years old. Very cute. The only problem with that, is this:

Very cute (!), I know, but it's the picture on my Canadian citizenship card (I wasn't born in Canada, so I have this card), and I have to have that card as photo ID for the rest of my life. Haha!

Now, what on earth does this have to do with islands? Hang on. :) See, when we moved back to Canada, it was because of a ministry opportunity in Alberta. That was crazy, and fell through, but here we were, and in no position to move back to Switzerland. Anyway, my Mom's parents were living here, on Vancouver Island, so my Dad looked for work here and found it. Yay! I've lived on Vancouver island since then. So, in that sense, I'm an island girlie, but it's more than that. Around here, when we say someone is an 'island person', we usually don't mean Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island is big, (min. 8 hr drive from tip to tip) and really no different than other places. It's the gulf islands. Yep, they are pretty much all the little islands between here (Vancouver island) and the mainland. Here's a picture of Vancouver Island, and you can sort of see the little islands between it and the mainland. The ones that are more northern are just really squished together, there are a lot more than it looks!

So what is an island person? Stereotype: Gypsy skirt, dreadlocks or long grey hair, maybe red socks, perhaps a little dope? You never know, but really, that's not an island person at all. Stereotypes rarely give justice to the real thing. :) An island person is all-natural, peaceful, happy, out of the way of ever-growing cities and in-your-face advertising. They are different, and you can see they live a life of hard work and don't care what anyone else thinks. I love that. A combination of those things, anyway. Having these people around has grown me SO much!

I have never lived on any of those little islands, but I can associate with those feelings very much. I love everything as natural as possible, I love getting out of the cities, I love the open air, untouched nature, peacefulness, and a place where we can see God in all of it. That's hard to find in a city. When I walk into a big box store (such as Wal-Mart, but we don't shop there anymore), I don't see God's love. I don't see the beauty and marvels he has created!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a tree-hugger in the bad sense of the word(s). Around here, if they didn't cut trees down, everyone would be sleeping on the forest floor. I'm all for farmland, houses (not stupid pre-planned neighbourhoods designed solely for the purpose of making money, even when they don't need anymore housing in the area), stores (to sell the things you've farmed, not imported snow peas from China...we can grow them here!), and whatever else is necessary for life. The problem really comes when people get busy, and bring in more and more and more until the economy can't handle it anymore and just breaks down. Why?!? Who knows!

See? I'm an island girlie. Get me away from this mess and I'm happy. Get me away to a place where I can pray for those greedy big-box-store-contractors. I will! I'll pray here though too. God has placed me here for this time, but the island person thing is a mindset. A mindset anyone can (and in my opinion should) have.

A view of My Tiny Island from my recent trip.

I'm a veggie girlie!

Yep, I'm vegetarian...mostly. Okay, before you tell me that God said it's okay to eat meat, I know...and agree! See, when Adam and Eve were created, God gave them all plants for food. (Genesis 1:29) That was what they ate. Now, come the sin and fall of mankind, things were different. Destruction, turmoil, sin, and hate all came into the world, and therefore, eating plants as our only food was not always an option. So God said that we could eat meat. In fact, in the New Testament, God tells us that all meat is alright to eat! (Acts 11)

So how can I be a Christian and a vegetarian? Well, I know that when God created humans, He created them vegetarian. Now, because in a lot of circumstances, there is no way to provide for the family without eating meat, we eat meat. Fine! :) The thing is, that here, in North America, as 'middle class', regular people, we can afford and are able to eat completely vegetarian. I love eggs and milk though, that's different. I just figure that if I don't have to, why eat previously-living flesh? Just a weird little conviction of mine. Nothing against people who do eat meat. :D Anyway, I do occasionaly eat meat, because my parents are not vegetarian, so on special occasions they ask me to eat it (Christmas, etc.), or occasionally she wants to make meaty spaggheti sauce, so I end up eating it, but for the most part I eat vegetarian. (They have steak, I have a veggie burger...I love those!) It's been on and off for the last 2-3 years, but I've finally buckled down and adopted this 'flexible veggie girl' attitude.

So that makes me very conscious of what I'm eating, and I try to eat as natural and balanced as I can, to keep this temple of God (my body) in top shape. I like locally grown, organic, wholesome food.

Natural Girlie

Homebirth, no vaccines, homegrown veggies, homeschooling, and natural/herbal medicinees. Yes, that's my policy. :) I actually wasn't birthed at home, but in a hospital in Switzerland. I've been given all my vaccines, and we buy lots of things at the store. So why I am I a firm believer in all of these, and many other natural ideas? Because I've researched. My parents had no way of knowing about homebirth, or the idea of skipping most of the vaccines, so how could they do them? Now, mind you, there are both sides to the vaccine thing, and I want to look into it more in depth. :)

In any case, I've done extensive research on homebirth, and it is so perfect, that I don't even do a double take (like I used to) when someone has a baby at home! Of course, I'm not married (and not planning to anytime in the near future!), but when I am and I have children, it will be at home. I've learned that birth is not a disease, nor a medical procedure, but a natural process. I don't want doctors messing with me, unless I have an emergency. It's one thing to have a midwife around, but I don't want people chopping me up. :) I have a theory that I am an only child because of medical intervention.

My Mom had an induction (she really didn't know much of what was going on, as it was all in another language that she was just learning), in the form of a prostaglandin tablet. Prostaglandin is what causes the contractions. She had the weirdest labour, and had an amniotic embylism, almost killing her, after the birth. Therefore, it was too risky to have another baby, because they couldn't say for sure, 100%, that it was the prostaglandin. That kind of induction is now illegal here, I might add. Actually, they use prostaglandin tablets when they are inducing labour for late-term abortion!

So...I'm an advocate of homebirth. I find most natural and herbal remedies often work better than the chemical-y stuff you buy at the store too.

Oh, and you know of course, that I am the biggest homeschooling advocate in history, right? :D Yeah, I love learning at home, and always have. I'm not so much in favour of 'school at home', but learning at home, as well. Very important distinguishing feature!

My 'School'-ing, at home. :) My arms are sort of flying weirdly here!

Anyway, there are my thoughts on the ingredients that go into the homegrown side of this girlie.

I am a Homegrown Girlie!


Sadie said...

COOL!!!!! I and all my siblings were born at home with a midwife, and none of us have ever had a vaccine in our life! I'm diffinatly planning on continuing that when/if I get married. I'm glad to think that I know someone else who thinks like I do. :-)


~Bryant said...

Fun post!
I like this part:
"I've learned that birth is not a disease, nor a medical procedure, but a natural process."
It is so true! So many times doctors treat it like it's so unnatural, but it is so natural! I'm a big fan of home births, and hope to have them myself, if the Lord so blesses.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Mariah said...

Great post Sheila! I enjoyed reading it!

Love you lots,

Lisa said...

Ha, ha, we seem to have quite a bit in common. It was a good post.


patrick said...

i am also convinced that natural is the way that God meant for us to eat and live in general

Maria Pauline said...

Sheila, you really shouldn't write such lonnnngggg posts. (gives me to much to comment on) I'll try being organized.

Island Girlie

You're very much like me, but you already knew that. That id card shows real intelligence on the part
of Canadian bureaurats(no hard feelings against Canada, all countries have bureaurats, and yes, they are rats)

For a really long time I've been meaning to tell you to read a book. Eric Schlosser: Fast Food Nation (fat adult version) or Chew On This (junior version I've read, it may be shorter and have less info, but it is really good) If you hate big boxes, you should research fast food.

I abhor cardboard houses too. They are bigger than necessary and hideous.

Veggie Girl:

People think I'm weird because my family doesn't eat a lot of meat. A steak like you get at a restaurant is how much my mom uses for four people. We usually eat venison, fish, and sometimes chicken or pork. We certainly don't have meat everyday. We do try to eat lots of whole grains and other healthy things.

My dad is really into homeopathic medicines. I guess I am too. I find his natural medicines more effective than advil.

Natural Girlie:

I'm into natural local food and homeschooling. I haven't made up my mind about homebirth, I think I support it. My dad was born at home because that was normal. I recently read an article you might like.
Vaccines? I don't know. I haven't considered it in depth. I don't know that I'm opposed to them...

Did I forget anything?