Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Instrument in Christ's Hands

Dear Friends,

I've used this name for my blog so long that I don't think about it much anymore, but sometimes I do, and when I do, this is what I think...

What is an instrument? Here are two dictionary definitions, to start things off:

1.) A device used to produce music
2.) a. A means whereby something is achieved, performed, or furthered
b. One used by another as a means or aid

So truly, what does it mean to be an instrument in Christ's Hands, His hands alone, and being that instrument with all joy and fervour?

I believe that it means that I am to be used by another (God) as a means or aid for some purpose, to further the kingdom of heaven. After all, that is God's purpose, and if He uses me to further His purpose, that is what I will be doing. For instance, if I was to purpose it in my mind to stir the pot of soup on the stove, and I picked up a stiring instrument, (we'd usually say utensil) I wouldn't be using the spoon to clean the bathroom sink, or to pick up dog toys off the floor. I would use it to stir the pot of soup. With the relationship between myself and God, it is exactly the same. I am the spoon, the world is the pot, and the me is God. (Analogies always break down somewhere)

I would be rather upset if my spoon chose not to help me stir the soup, but rather wanted to attempt to clean the bathroom sink. Knowing that the spoon was not a good instrument to clean the sink with, I would correct it, and inform it of its rightful duties to keep the soup from burning, and would draw it back to myself, to be used for its proper purpose. In the same way, if I choose do do something against God's leading, (like a spoon trying to cleaning the sink) I will surely fail, and dire consequences will follow. (I don't want to use the spoon to stir soup after it has scraped soap scum!) So sometimes, God boils the soap scum off. Boiling doesn't feel good. It's really hot, and hurts a bit, and we know that when our cleansing is complete, we will be required to go back to work as Christ's instrument.

And when we do, we are fulfilled. Like Jonah, who, after running away to 'clean the bathroom sink', was 'boiled' in the belly of a big fish, and told to head on to Nineveh, and the rewards were fully worth it!

That being said, I don't think being Christ's instrument is all about doing things we don't want to do! If our lives are fully committed to Jesus, it will be our greatest pleasure to serve as His instrument, doing His bidding, and reaping our just rewards. He has given us the priviledge of being His instruments, and all we have to do is consent.

This is why I want to be An Instrument in Christ's Hands. It is a most worthy task, and I can only pray that I will in some way fulfill it. Of course, I love the fact that instrument is also the name of something you make music on, because, after all, I love making music! So that is another quick aside for the name of this blog, but really, it's all about serving our heavenly Master, a loving God who I long to know better, and with His help, I will.

Now, as we all set forth to be the best instrument that we can, let us lift one another up in prayer, and further Christ's glorious purpose as we are...

Instruments in Christ's Hands

In His name,



Mariah said...

Great post Sheila! I love reading analogies. So many times I think of it as a task to be 'An Instrument in Christ's Hand' when it is really a privilege. Thanks for reminding me! Your posts are always encouraging!

Anna said...

Very encouraging post Sheila :) I love the methaphor of the spoon!


Maria Pauline said...

I heartily enjoyed your humorous, but very true, analogies.


~Bryant said...

Beautiful! The title and theme of your blog corresponds so well with your love of music!

Oh, and by the way, you've been tagged (maybe again?)! If you've already been tagged at one time or another, then it's the thought that counts! [grin] said...

Very well said.