Thursday, February 21, 2008


The Elysian Flute Trio: Me, (Sheila), Jen, and Marianne

A certain unnamed person mentioned that I need to blog.

I haven't done a random post just about what's going on in everyday life for a while, so I shall. Maria reminded me that I forgot to mention that my Mom did come home from the hospital fine that evening. She is still well. :)

I have Concerto Competition coming up on Saturday, and festival in a couple weeks, so that is very exciting, and I'm really looking forward to it! I have a bit of prep to do, and I sort of injured my arm yesterday attempting to snowboard (I promptly scared myself and went back to skiing, but it still happened...) so my left arm is a bit sore and yesterday and today I didn't get much practicing in. I think tomorrow I'll try to do a bunch more flute.

I haven't given you a proper update on what's happening with this new 'singing thing' I'm doing!

It is going fabulously...and it pays to have a singing teacher who does acupressure! :D I went for my every-other-week lesson today, and just enjoyed it so much. It's a real stretch for me, singing 'solo', (as in, not with a choir) but I need that stretch. Just today Rosemary told me (after me saying it's hard to make myself do vibrato unless nobody's listening) that she falls into the 'nobody' group, as in, singing for her is like nobody's listening--Sing with complete abandon! Needless to say I love it.

Oh yeah, and back to the first sentence of the last paragraph; as I mentioned before, I hurt my arm, and was therefore very tense, especially after trying to sleep last night and really straining myself trying to find a comfortable position. Now get this: Rosemary actually noticed my tenseness in my singing! Wow! How's that for professionalism, eh? So I explained about my aforementioned injury being I guess the main cause of the tenseness, and she promptly stood up, asked me about it, and did a little sort of half massage-but-not-really, half something-or-other on that shoulder/arm that seemed really wonderful, and gave me some tips. Yay for healthiness! Otherwise, I'm just LOVING being able to sing, and I'm really starting to feel it, literally, physically, and I'm trying to give up on listening all the time. When I'm at lesson, I'm really trying to follow her advice and let her be the ears, and it is SO freeing. I really am truly falling in love with singing.

Flute is incredible, as always, and speaking of which, I have flute lesson tomorrow, and practice with the pianist! Hopefully my arm won't act up. Seems okay as long as I rest it really close to my body. Good thing it's my left arm! Jen is amazing, and I love seeing both the flute teacher side of her, who is an absolute wealth of information and ideas and creativity, and also the human, fun, encouraging, and sweet side of her. Makes for a fabulous rapport. Like I said, I have festival and such coming up, and I'm VERY excited, and so is Jen, so it will be a bit of a team effort. :) Oh, and I think my trio will be doing a concert in early fall! I'll post our website when it's a bit more detailed, as right now there isn't much on it.

Piano's fun, and I'm also playing one piece in festival, but there's nothing extraordinary happening. I went to Lasqueti again about a week and a half ago for some theory/history/harmony intensive, and enjoyed it immensely. I ADORE Mrs. Morrison! She is the sweetest lady, and it's kind of nice to have a 'co-conspirator' in my veggie decision. Totally encouraging. We went for a walk in the beautiful, seemingly untouched forest, and wandered through the garden (talk about temperate climate, there are still cabbages, and brussel sprouts, and lots of root vegetables out there!), and just had a marvelous time. :D I'm switching to RCM from CC now too, because of using government grant money, which means that I have to take an easy exam in May, but that's not a big deal. I got my results from my January theory/harmony exam, and they weren't great. I was really surprised, because I felt so confident and did so well on all the practice exams. I had no problems whatsoever on the exam, so Mrs. Morrison and I think it must be a mis-marking. Not sure though. We'll see when we get the exam itself back. In any case, I'm loving it, and really enjoying being so comfortable on the piano--finally!

And now...I've updated you on life. Haha. All music. :) Really! Well, we did have a fabulous Bible study tonight too. I enjoyed that a lot. God is good!

Blessings on you all,

We're a silly bunch!


Maria Pauline said...

Awesome! It is so cool that you can do so much music stuff. I'll be praying for your contests.

Cowgirl_E said...

"Certain unnamed person"

ha! I was speaking the truth in love.

Good pictures!

You're a vegetarian? Or are you vegan? Oh. That is something I did not now.

I've been getting all your skype comments, but I just haven't had time to actually sit down and talk. Tonight. :)

Lisa said...

That was a really interesting post Sheila! I liked it. I also lived the last picture. It was really good. You all look so cheerful. :D Have a great dy

Sheila said...

Erica...just vegetarian. Vegan is way too extreme for this milk-lover. :D

I also do eat meat occasionally, which is fine. :) If you're curious and would like further reasons, I'm happy to oblige. I by no means am trying to force it on anybody. It's just something I want to do right now. :)

Lisa...Thanks! I like that pic too, I wish it was in front of the bush though. :)

Cowgirl_E said...

I see a skype chat in our future! Because I am quite curious...being in a family that makes part of their living raising steaks, I'm obviously not a vegetarian. :)

oh, I know you're not trying to force it on anyone - of course you aren't! :)

And I have something else I want to talk to you about, so seriously, we need to find a time.

Sheila said...


I'll look into the DipABRSM, isn't that the British certification or something? I'll probably just leave it though. I'm hoping to also get B. Mus. :)

I listen to a lot of different interpretations of things. I think it really depends on what your view on Baroque interpretation is to begin with. There are some who say that since that was when it was written, and that is what the composer said, that we should do exactly what's on the paper, and indeed, that view has merit. However, the other view is that sometimes more modern interpretations can have great worth as well, for really, those composers may have chosen to use today's ideas if they had known them. I think it is wise to listen to different interpretations with an open mind. Certainly not to copy them. :D

I'm actually not exactly doing a concerto for the competition, but the piece Suite Modale, by Ernest Bloch, as the accompaniment is originally for string orchestra. Gorgeous piece. :)

Erica: I understand, and appreciate you understanding too. :D I'd love to chat about it sometime. :) Pretty much the only thing I don't eat is meat. I still eat eggs and dairy and all that. :) Occasionally, too, I end up eating a bit of meat like when we have chili or something. :)

Hey, Skype me anytime, I'm probably able to make time. :D Hugs!

God bless,

Mariah said...

Hey there! I enjoyed reading about some of your music experiences and just your life in general. I like random posts! :D