Saturday, March 8, 2008

Info and vlogging!

Hello blogging world!

I am here to give you a short update on life. Sorry I haven't posted a lot this week. I've been very busy with festival for piano, and concerto competition, and preparing for festival on flute which takes place on Monday. I actually won the concerto competition! Yay! More on that in my next post, which will be after Monday, so hopefully I'll be able to play you a clip or two of my festival performances. Very exciting!

On a life-with-God, note, I re-read James 1 this past week, and got a LOT out it it! It was amazing how much God spoke to me using just that one chapter! Maybe I'll elaborate on that more soon too, but I just felt like he was telling me to take His hand a little tighter and to not let go. I just know I need His wisdom.

Ah yes, and I've started vlogging! So here is my first attempt: Wait...this is the second. Lydia found the first one though! I'm dying to know how you did it. Did you go through my other YouTube video?

Anway, first here are the comments I'm putting along with the video on Youtube. Disclaimers, you could say:

Here I am...again.

Note that there are multiple times I say 'um' and don't notice. Whoops!

Also, the random moments where I'm looking down to my left...scripted. Told ya so! No, really, half of it is completely off the top of my head, I just had to know where to start. :D

I'll talk slower next time. :D

By the way, the little black thing and the little white thing on the bottom of my flute are (respectively) a squishy sliced-open pencil grip stuck on with two-sided tape for my left index finger to rest on, and a Thumbport for my right thumb. :D

I also realized that by the end of the video I'd made it sound like I was really shy and insecure. Not really. Ask people that know me, I'm just not always as great as I'd like at showing all the freedom that is inside me. :)

I hope you enjoy it!

God bless,


Sadie said...

That was great, Sheila!!! I'm looking forward to more videos in the future! :)

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

Sorry!! Did I scare you when I comented?

The reason I found it was a while back you posted a video of yours on your blog and I followed it to YouTube and Subscribed to your videos (BTW, I'm not one of those werid people who subcribs to everyone, I just liked your videos.)

You're a very talented musician!!


P.S. I'm sure I spelled something wrong in this comment.. sorry!

Mariah said...

I enjoyed reading your quick update and I am looking forward to future videos and more on how your music festivals, etc, have been going.

Anna Naomi said...

Beautiful playing! I like how you "dance" while playing - adds character and shows you're really into the piece. =)

Miriam Rebekah said...

Yay!! I got to hear you play. Lovely!!! I love the way you put expression into your music!

Sheila said...

Thank you!

Mariah: Well, I look forward to reading YOUR blog updates when you get a blog! :D

Anna: Yes, that's one thing I do very freely without thinking about it. When the music becomes a part of you, it's not hard to just let it flow from you in the form of 'dancing'. Fortunately, Jen is a 'dancer' in that way too, so we feed off one another.

Miriam: The music is the expression, all I am doing is letting it sweep me away.

You are all so sweet! Thank you!