Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random happenings...

So, what's new and exciting here? Not much.

Spring is here, although it's still rather brisk out. It sure is lovely to see all the flowers though--and to smell them! Things are greening up, and everything is beautiful. :) I am enjoying music very much, and especially flute this weekend! Been having some fun midnight Skype chats with Jen, too, and when flute comes up and we chat chat chat about it... it makes me very excited.

So with that in mind, and after reading some...interesting...thoughts on the Yahoo Galway flute chat this morning, I decided to do a little video about all the random and slightly unusual things I do to my flute. None of them are my ideas, mind you. I have a fabulous teacher. :D So here's the video!

And by the way, do check out my other videos. I haven't posted all of them on this blog, but they are all at my YouTube page. Click here to see the page with all the videos, and please comment on any you like!




Mariah said...

I enjoyed reading your quick little update. Things are 'greening' up here too. :D Very pretty! Fun video, also!

Maria said...

So fun to watch your videos!