Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still 15...

Well, I am in the last day of being 15. Tomorrow I will be turning 16, and I will never be 15 again!

It's bittersweet, you know. 14 was the last year of childhood for me, and 15 has been a sweet, gentle transition to...something. Being 15 years old has been so freeing. Still at home, without much responsibility, adult-wise, and the freedom to explore life. It is such a childlike year, but yet with a mind and heart that is growing up!

Turning 16 brings with it a lot of responsibility, and adult thought. The most obvious responsibility here in BC, is that I am going to be legally allowed to learn to drive. So tomorrow morning, I'll head over to the licensing office, take my little written test, have my eyes checked, and get that little red magnet with a big black L on it. It's exciting, but again, very bittersweet. This is the last day of my life, where I don't drive. In one way I kind of don't want that to end. In another way, it's exciting, and I know learning to drive will be fun, but there is a freedom that comes with having to walk everywhere too. Still trying to figure out my thoughts on that. I just know that in a year I will probably really need to be able to drive on my own, and you have to have that learner's license for an entire year. Only when I turn 17 can I get my N (novice) license and be allowed to drive alone (although still with restrictions).

I am about to bid farewell to an amazing year. I learned so much. I grew so much. I learned peace and simplicity. I learned about some complex parts of life. So now I will accept my new role as a 16 year old with honour and a bit of twirling around in my pretty pink skirt. :)

It will be a good year. I will follow where God leads me, and strive to understand what comes my way, to sort out good from bad, but still blend opposites, to live without boundaries, to unite things that seem impossible to unite. Hopefully I will continue to mature and change in some ways, so that the person I am on the inside can be purely visible from the outside. I have just barely figured out being 15, but I'm ready to accept the task of figuring out being 16, and I have 12 months to do it. I'd better get started right away.

By the way, I've had a lot of people ask me exactly what I'm doing for my birthday. Not tons. I don't have local friends my age, so I'm not going to do anything with them, and I don't relish the idea of just scouring the surrounding areas for random people that know me to participate in a 'party'. So tomorrow my day will look like this:

- Get up in good time
- Open a few fun presents with my parents
- Head down to the driver's licensing office with my 2 pieces of ID.
- Get my L
- Go to a rehearsal with my pianist for honours concert
- Go to flute lesson (WooHoo!!!!)
- Have flute trio
- Come home and enjoy being 16

Yep, looks awesome to me. I don't know about you, but I'm excited. It will be a lot of fun.

Hugs to you all!



Mariah said...

Enjoy your day, and your year! I feel that way about turning 18! It's exciting but a little scary at the same time.
Love you!
P.S. Love the pictures of you! :D

Sadie said...


But seriously, I'm so happy, but it's wierd - scary. We're all growing up! I can't beleive I can literally drive a car (with an adult!) in five months. Anyway, happy birthday, and huge hug!!!

Cowgirl_E said...

I love my soon-to-be-16-years-old friend!

Have a wonderful, wonderful day. (Did I already say that...twice?)

Maybe I'll hop a plane tonight and surprise you tomorrow by jumping on your bed and waking you up.

Hmm...I wish.

Sydney Smith said...

Happy sweet 16th! I remember feeling the same way you feel when I turned 16 last year. Your starting a new chapter of your life! If your 16th year is anything like mine was it will be a blast but not void of problems. I pray that you will live everyday to the fullest and that you'll grow closer to your Lord and savior! Acting childish is allowed;)

Sheila said...

Erica, please DO jump on me. I would be VERY HAPPY INDEED. :D

Thanks everybody! You are all so sweet!

An Old Fashioned Girl said...

Happy Birthday!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Sheila! Very exciting indeed! And another inspiring post to top it off. You are such a wonderful friend.

Maria Pauline!!!

Anna Naomi said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your special day is going well!

Sweet Sixteen... =) It's a fun age!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Happy birthday, Sheila!!!

Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!