Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Climb, climb up sunshine mountain!

View from near the summit

Hey you!

Crazy week...past, present, and future. Aaaahhhhh! Anyway, I went with my Mom to visit my grandparents this weekend, and my Uncle Jeff was there! Yay!!! I haven't seen him for about 3 1/2 years, and he was down from northern BC on a business trip! It was really wonderful to see him. On Saturday afternoon, he took me for a hike up a nearby mountain. Whew! The hike was a couple kilometers long, and took us about an hour and half up, and 40 minutes down. It was SO coastal BC. Goodness! With lots of steep bits, many areas where the sun peeked through the forest, and a temperature of about 28* C, I was absolutely roasting. But, boy was it worth it! Not only did I have an excellent 3 hours out with Uncle Jeff, but the view was well worth the work. Just stunning. I didn't take lots of pictures, mostly because I forgot my camera, and forgot that my Mom's cell phone that has a camera on it, takes pictures, until pretty late. I did get a few pictures from near the summit though. :) Here they are the rest:

There goes my mountain climbing uncle!

So pretty...

A thoroughly hot and tired, but VERY happy Sheila!

I wish I'd gotten a better one of the view out to the ocean, but like I said, when we were at that lookout, I still had forgotten about the camera feature on the phone. I'm just glad I had water with me. :D

Here's a little one I found online of the view from up there towards the ocean. I wish it was bigger and from the other lookout!

You know, you feel very close to God at the top of a mountain. Very connected. Every breeze seems like the breath of God, and every birdsong sounds like His voice. Every view of the ocean, so picturesque, surrounded by trees and natural beauty, is like a painting, gently, yet so realistically painted, by the hand of our Creator.

When we reached the top, we hiked through the woods, off the beaten track of regular trails, to a lookout Uncle Jeff had loved for years. Now, the trees have grown up, and the view is more difficult to see, but since it is so unknown, we lay in the grass and rested our heads upon the rocks, undisturbed by wandering hikers. We just marveled in the silence, and enjoyed the perfection of nature--so untouched! We hiked back by a different route, so as not to start a path (didn't want the spot to be found!), and headed down the mountain, running, and playing hopscotch down rather steep and rocky sections. As I nimbly ordered my feet down the mountain, moving at a quite rapid pace, always watching for the perfect spot to place my foot next, I was awed at the capacity of the human mind. The fact that I could calculate so quickly, and enjoy myself still, is incredible! It's like dancing down the mountain. I would do it again in a flash.

When I reached the bottom of the trail, and we head back to the car, no one stopped my and put $50 in my pocket because I'd worked hard for 3 hours, no parade greeted me, but I had a reward far greater than that, and it is all inside me. Never to be let out. Never to be let go of. God puts surprise rewards in the most obscure of things!

I hope you are encouraged today. Go enjoy the sunshine!



Mariah said...

Wonderful post Sheila! And great pictures! Very beautiful! It looks like a lot of fun(and work!). I spent all day yesterday out in the sun at SDC. I am so glad it is FINALLY starting to get warm!

Maria said...

How prettiful and fun! I can't wait get up in the mountains here!