Saturday, May 24, 2008

Out on my own...

Hello friends!

I'm out on my own for the day, and actually composing this post from the library. :P Left home at 8:00 this morning on my bike. Worked for 4 hours, pulling weeds and hoeing beds, and totally killed my back! Oh well, I love the hard work. Makes me feel really fulfilled and empowered. We should all do hard work! Then I biked into town, and went to a coffee shop. Had an iced mocha and worked on Canadian history. Sat outside in the sun, and it was so pretty. :)

Then I went shopping. First stop, lovely little gift-y shop, where I found something special for someone I know in Switzerland! ;) Glad that's done, and it's just perfect for her. Giant back-pack on my back, and it's REALLY heavy, but I continue. Chatted with the lady in the gift shop, and we talked about Europe. On my way out she said "Hey, stop by when you're back and tell me all about your trip!" I will! Wandered up the street, and meandered through various awesome health-food stores (They smell SO good...all those herbs and healthy mmm-tasties!), and checked in the outdoors store for a Klean Kanteen. All the water bottles were plastic, phooey. 'Approved by Health Canada." Hahahaaa...but do I actually care about Health Canada's opinion in the matter of plastic water bottles? No! This is the government who is trying to enforce Bill C-51! (Google it, it's crazy. Talked with some of those health food store people about that, too. It's driving us all nuts.)

Checked out local bulliten boards, and checked a few more places for stainless steel water bottles, but nobody has them. Guess I have to wait until the store in another town gets them in at the end of the month. Oh well. I did get the flip-flops I needed though! Now, except for hemming my new pants, I am completely outfitted for the trip this summer! (will make a post more about the trip soon)

You know, I love being at home. I love my parents, and I love the homey feeling. But I do so love to get out sometimes and just be my own person. I work, earn money, buy the things I need, survive on my own for a day, don't get lost, talk to interesting people, build my own relationships with the people around me, and just learn about life. We live in a great place. Remember when we did that last summer, Maya? That was so fun! Basically, that's what I'm doing today, just being, learning, thinking, and living. Again, so fulfilling.

Now, I think I'll go work on my essay on opera, and then head home to finish my flute practice. I think my parents miss me. :D It's good to be an adult for a day though.

Well, just 10 minutes left on the computer. I think I'll go now.

Go in God's Grace!

PS. Sorry, no pictures this time, I'm at the library, remember? Maybe I'll edit some in later. :)


Maria said...

Thanks Sheila! It is so fun to read about your life. :) Sometimes being on my own scares me and other times I love. Usually it depends on where I am and why.

Nadine said...

Love your posts so much Sheila. And I really can't wait to see you soon in switzerland. It's unbelievable that our last meeting's already six years ago.

Love you a lot!

Sheila said...

Hey Nadine! I know, and this time we can really talk! (No thanks to me...) I know, where did those six years go?

I miss you Nadine! I'll email you our dates for the trip soon. :D

Mariah said...

I really enjoy it when I can be out on my own. But just about the only time I have been out on my own is when I visited you last year. Almost all of the time I have at least one sibling or parent with me.
It sounds like you had a great day! I hope you have a great trip this summer! I envy Nadine!