Friday, June 20, 2008

Always Exploring

I told you I'd tell you about my trip. Well, until we get back, this blog here is going to be rather quiet. I'm starting a new blog to blog about anything and everything related to our big trip to Europe this summer. You can visit it at:

Here is a copy of the latest post over there:

"To begin with, this blog will be a diary of my big trip this summer. We'll be gone for 5 weeks, and I'm getting rather excited, as well as a bit nervous! I have the chance of a lifetime, as I've been accepted as a participant (performer) at James Galway's international flute masterclass in Weggis, Switzerland, where he now resides. To find out more about James Galway and his amazing flute career, visit

We will also be spending a relaxing week in Italy, and visiting friends and family in the town where I was born in Switzerland. The last week of our trip will be spent near Montreu, Switzerland, where I will attend a woodwind ensemble week with other young musicians from around the world, and learning one-on-one from Cormac Henry, principle flutist of the Liverpool Orchestra.

Questions? Feel free to ask. Hopefully soon I'll be posting updates on the happenings and preparations that go along with this trip.

Sheila Christine"

And here is a copy of the trip schedule:

July 12 - Drive to the city where we will fly out on the 13th
July 13-15 - Toronto
July 16-19 - Rome
July 20-26 - Tuscany
July 27- August 2 or 4 - Thun, my hometown in Switzerland
August 3 or 5 - 9 Weggis, for James Galway flute masterclass
August 10-15 - Blonay, for woodwind ensemble week
August 16 - Zurich
August 17 - Fly to Canada
August 18 - Drive home

Hope to see you commenting on the other blog!



Maria said...

Yay!! I will be sure to read your new blog! Does that make... five?

Miss Jocelyn Tzahala said...

Wow, that is awesome! Your blog was pretty interesting and I look forward to hearing about your trip! :)

Miss Jocelyn