Monday, June 2, 2008

Life in the world of FLUTE!

Well, it's over. Woohoo! Sort of, anyway. :)

One week ago today, I competed in the Provincial competitions for the British Columbia performing arts, as the representative of my area. I came in 2nd for the Province in my age range! Yay!!! It was a really fun day, spent with my Mom, Jenni, and Marianne, and I was blessed to have that opportunity.

Then, on Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to perform solo with a local Chamber Orchestra. It was so much fun! A couple slip-ups on my part, (always in places you've never messed up before) but also I made it through some tricky passages (that I often mess up!) just beautifully. It was a lot of fun, and I felt so loved! It was also REALLY neat to get my hair done:

I have some video footage now, but I will save it until it is better edited, and then I will share it with you. :)

Until then,
God bless,


Maria said...

Wow!!! You are so pretty in that green dress!!!! I am glad to hear that your competition and concert went well, and am very proud to know one of the best young musicians in Canada... Lots of hugs for you!

Nadine said...

Wooow! Congratulation Sheila. I wish I could have been there to hear you playing.
You look so beautiful on those pictures. You're such a wonderful young woman.

Be heavenly blessed

Mariah said...

Wow! I love those pictures and they make me miss you even more! They seem to really show part of who you are! :D I'm so glad your competition and concert went well. I actually watched them on YouTube this morning, absolutely beautiful! I didn't notice any of the mistakes.
Love you!

Sydney Smith said...

Wow! You look so pretty in that dress! Your hair is AMAZING! How did you do that? I can't wait to see the video!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Beth. I just found your blog through a friend of mine's blog. I also live in BC, so it was very neat to find your blog. Anyway, congratulations on doing so well in your competition.

Sheila said...

Hey Beth! So neat to hear of someone else in BC! Wow!!! If you want, you can email me at a random email address I have, and I can give you my real one. I am always excited when I meet other British Columbians. :D Email me!!! :)

Thank you so much you other 4, you are so sweet. :)