Friday, July 18, 2008

The City of Rome!!!

Yes, yet another long and tiring day. This one was fantastic though!!! Just incredible. I am really tired and sore, but it was worth every moment, and I would totally do it again. We saw Rome!!! Officially!!!

I could probably write pages and pages about what we did today, it was amazing and fantastic, but I think I am too tired, and I am just going to post lots of pictures with decent captions. :D Jen, there are food pics for you. Here goes!

Random courtyard-ish thing.

Me and my Dad by the random thing

The Colloseum. IT IS HUGE!!!!!! The car is actually really far away from it, so it is way out of perspective, but you stand by that thing, and you feel like a flea. (Flea circus...cirucs maximus...ahahahahaaa!)

Is that the back of the wedding cake? Can not tell.

The forum. We did not go down into it, but we walked all round the edge, and saw more that way. Fascinating!!!

In the Pantheon

In the Pantheon, used to be a pagan temple and now it is a church! I think that is pretty neat.

The dome in the Pantheon. Astounding. That hole is 9 metres across!!!

The market! A food pic with Jen in mind!

More food...

Eating the gelato!!! Another food pic with Jen in mind... :P

Cones for the gelato!!!

The Trevi Fountain

The whole family by the Trevi Fountain.

My Dad, Me, and Sonja, our guide. I thought this was the one where she was looking at us, but I chose the wrong one. I am not going to fix it now. Anyway, this is by the Trevi fountain.

I cut off his bottom parts on purpose....that leaf just was not cutting it! Hahahahaaa!

By a lovely lady

A huge hall of sculptures in the Vatican museum.

The dome in the St Peters Basilica

Me by the Pieta

St. Peters Basilica. Stunning and huge, is it not?

Even the floors are amazing. Note the Celtic knot type lattice work. I can actually draw stuff like that and more complicated!!!

My one illegal shot of the Sistine chapel. I did not realize we could not take pictures, as everywhere else in the Vatican you can take pictures as long as you do not have the flash on. A guy then ran up to me saying "No photo, no photo!"

The view from my bedroom window at the B & B (I have my own room...thank goodness. Actually, I will everywhere)

Palestrina from a distance

More food for Jen! Yogurt at a little grocery store.

I was SO excited about this fountain because I was so crazy hot and it was cold and fresh and drinkable and lovely! Note the nun drinking in the background... :)

Are they not cute? In St. Peters square.

There are hundreds more pictures I could post, but it is late. If you live near me, come for a raclette sometime and we will look at all the pictures. Fair? We also went to a couple places where you could not take pictures, but I do not have time to post about them now. Maybe later.

Tomorrow we are off to Tuscany, so this is it for Rome!!!

Lots of hugs all of you!
Sheila Christine,
Palestrina, Italy


JenCluff said...

Dear Sheila,
LOVE the food pictures, the braids, the water bottle, the dunking nun.......all too marvellous for words! I'm stunned by the sculptures; just STUNNED! What amazing beauteous radiance of ART!! Wow! Thankyou so much!! I had a grin from ear to ear (and that little grape leaf would not be cutting it either if I tried to hide that grin! :>D
Hugs, Jen xooxox

Mariah said...

WOW! Everything is just great, Sheila! As I have said before, I love all the pictures. I really like your braids and your parents really do look cute in the last picture. I like the pictures of you with the food too, too fun! :D
Have fun in Tuscany!

Idzie said...

Yet more gorgeous photo's... It bothers me that here in North America the oldest buildings you can find are no older than 400 years... I'd love to see all the truly ancient structures of the world!


Marianne Sadik said...

Raclette hear we come! :D Can't wait to see the rest of all your photos - it's so wonderful of you to share these with us - especially when you must be soooooooooo tired! Enjoy Tuscany - it's on our list of places to visit one day - perhaps we should have gone while we lived a little closer! Hahaha LOVED the photo of the gelato cones - YUMMY!
Hugs to everyone
Marianne XOX