Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello friends,

I like music. A lot. But you knew that already, so I will skip the preamble. Like I said, I had plenty of time to practice the last couple days. 2 days ago, I was practicing away in my little Tuscan room with the arched window way open, working on the trio by Casterede. Tricky passages and all, you know. I suddenly had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. I stopped, and looked out my window down to the little road that runs beside the house, and there was this little face peeking at me, which said "Jacques Casterede?"

"-insert Italian here-"
"I speak English..."
"Ah! I play flute too!"

So I RAN down the stairs at breakneck speed, confusing everyone in my path with random words about flute players, and ended up at the fence where the young girl stood. She is 21 and her name is Giuditta. She studies flute in Florence, and I am guessing she is somewhere between a Grade 9 and ARCT level. Maybe about Grade 10-ish. She asked me (in cute broken English) if I wanted to play with her, and of course I said YESS!!! Then she said that she would be 5 minutes, and ran accross the street (past the olive grove...) and returned 5 minutes later with her flute, her stand, and an armfull of duets. We spent a fantastic hour (it flew by so quickly!) playing duets, all stuff I had never read, and Jen, I can't thank you enough for all those sessions of sightreading duets. It was an invaluable resource!

We agreed to meet again yesterday, after I got back from Sienna, and we did. I walked over to her sweet Italian home, and met her Mum and sister, and then we played for a couple hours in her room. We had been asked to play duets at a big dinner here at Le Torri last night, so we put together a little program of Mozart, Tellemann, Boismortier, and Bach. All duets I had played through a total of about 5 times each before we performed them together. Ha! We had a smashing time, and the most hilarious moment was the one right before we played the Bach, where she said "I heard you practice this...too fast!" (We listen to each other practice from our rooms) and I said "I know...but it is so fun to play it fast!" Hahahahahahahahhaaaaa!!!!!

And she has caught on to my habit of ignoring dynamics. Shoot.

But really, we have had a smashing time together, and it gave both of us the opportunity to enjoy music together, me the opportunity to see into the life of an Italian family and be in their home, and also to keep me from feeling lonely. It has been so sweet. I never thought I would meet someone one day (and that just from them hearing me practice) and perform with them the next! Plus I learned a few new beautiful studies (which she gave me copies of!!!) The Boismortier is fantastic!

Anyway, I had to share that with you all. I know at least 2 people who will find it particularly interesting. :) If I had more time I would write more, but I think this computer is dial-up and I don't want to waste their phone expense or whatever. Besides, I want to practice, and Giuditta and I arranged to play together again later. JS Bach and Boehm studies here I cooommme!!!



Idzie said...

Ack!! That is amazingly cool! Music is wonderful. :-) I wish I could think of something else to say, but I can't. That would be such an amazing experience... I love it when language ceases to be a barrier!

Isabelle :-)

Mariah said...

Sounds like tons of fun! :D I'm so glad you had someone close to your age to hang out with for a little while.

Jen said...

Hi Sheila,
WOW! Am totally happy for you. Fantastic! WHAT an experience!
Grinning from ear to ear, Jen :>D

Maria said...

Wow, that sounds fun! BTW, I ignore dynamics too. :D