Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am HOME!

You know how I said I missed home? Well...I am not on Vancouver Island, but I am home. A different home. But just as much home as the other home. :) I feel like I am meeting faeries of a younger self. It is a beautiful feeling.
When the train rolled into Switerland, the raindrops began to fall. We were stopped in Visp, and I gazed at the raindrops slipping into the puddle, as if they had a secret to tell me. I said that out loud, and my Mum said something about them being wet. Why are some people so matter-of-fact..? Hahahahahaaa!
Anyway, now I am at my Uncle Peter's house, using my cousin Marcus' computer. My COUSIN! Can you believe it? Family seems so distant these days, that I am just amazed to be here, in the company of my Dad's brother and sister and their families, and my cousins, and oh...lovely.

The train ride yesterday was fun, and the transfers to other trains were crazy! We had 9 minutes to get to another platform, stairs to go up and down, crazy crazy!!! But fun, and when we got into Thun (where I was born!) it was raining very hard. Everyone was complaining, but I was laughing, and soaking up the goodness, the life, the gentle blessings of the raindrops. Their message had been transmitted. I felt so full of joy and peace. What a wonderful place to be! I know that I will be happy when I get back to my little Pacific Island, but for now, when I look at Niesen, and Stockhorn (sp?) (mountains) and see the gentle rolling green, I feel at home. I feel that homeland calling. I live here for the first year and a half of my life, and have only been back twice, but it is so clear.
About an hour ago, I was standing on the patio here, and Auntie Ruth came to me, watching me stare out into the perfect Swiss landscape, and said "You remember?" "Of course I remember!" "Ja?" "Ja! This is home!" I said. Her eyes lit up, and she seemed so happy! "Really? Really really?" "Really." And I meant it.

So. Now I will show you some pictures from here and from Tuscany. :) They are all mixed up and some captions are centred and some not. Oh well!
My first Swiss tree hug. They are full of life everywhere!
Uncle Marcus, Auntie Ruth (Papi's sister) Me and my Mum outside the church this morning here in Thun.

The bell Tower, which I forgot to rotate. Sorry!

INCREDIBLE musicians in Sienna. We watched them for at least 45 minutes. Stunning!

Me and Guiditta playing Mozart! It was so fun, really, I felt so blessed.


Grapevines in Tuscany!

First glimpses of this wonderful homeland! This is Thun.

On the Ponte Vecchio! It was a wonderful experience, having sung about it!

By the Ponte Vecchio
The Ponte Vecchio
The Duomo cathedral in Florence

Mz cute parents.

The Island-y market, which I LOVED though I was too cheap to buy anything.
Olive groves
Street sign! There aren't many of them, and they don't say much when you do find one! :P

Reno Schultz in San Gimignano.

Oliander in San Gimignano

Le Torri where we stayed in Tuscany

Me with some girls in Tuscany

My room in Tuscany, and the window through which Giuditta heard me first! Sorry it is so dark.

View from my window in Tuscany

Me in the Tuscan hills!




Maria said...

I feel the exact same way about Norway! Though I've lived here for most of my life, over there will always be home.

BTW, do they speak French, German, or Austrian in your part of "Sveits"?

Marianne Sadik said...

How wonderful Sheila! Your last three posts have REALLY touched me - writing now with happy/sad tears in my eyes. Home IS where the heart is and you will be truly blessed if like me there is more than one 'home' for you in this world. Music is THE most beautiful way to bring people together and I'm soooooooo pleased that you are experiencing this for yourself - the world is now your oyster and the adventure for you is just beginning - ENJOY THE RIDE! :D
Love and hugs to you all, Marianne

Idzie said...

I'm speechless here. It's absolutely marvelous. And the pictures, as usual, are beautiful.

Lots of hugs,

Sadie said...

Sooo wonderful, Sheila! Everything is so beautiful and picturesque; and it must be awesome going back! Love you tons!!!


Mariah said...

Wow Sheila! Everything looks awesome! It all sounds so beautiful! I really like the picture of you playing your flute with Guiditta. Lovely! I'm glad you're having such a great time. Enjoy is all you can! :D

Sheila said...

Thank you so much you all! Marianne, you are so sweet. :)