Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Thun...

Hi you all,

Right now, today, I am happy! Yesterday, I was...emotionally unstable... I am SO two-sided, seriously! I think that is why some people can't understand me at all, and why other people relate to me so well. Yeah, such is life!

Yesterday we wandered the streets of Thun. So glad I can finally re-orient myself with where everything is here! Then we met friends and went on the boat on lake Thun to Faulensee, and ate supper there. I felt VERY homesick, and very poetic, and very dreamy, and everybody else thought I was very sullen. What can I do? I finally understand why people think all teenagers are sulky!!! Hopefully the reason most of us appear that way sometimes is because we are all so thoughtful about life. And the silly "Tee-hee, I bought the cutest t-shirt at the mall today!" kids are just weird. No offense to any cute t-shirt people. :)

I am also a little upset that many signs are in English. It is not the best language ever, and this is not Canada. Smarten up, hey?

Anzwaz (that is my new spelling for Anyway, because on Swiss keyboards the y and z are switched!), today has been amazing! This morning I took the bus down to the train station (on my own....yesssssss!!!!!!!!!) and met Nadine. For those who don't know, I met Nadine when I was about..uhhh... zero. We were cute. Last time we met, we both new a total of 2 words in the other's language, "come" and "look", I believe. But as 10 and 11-year-olds, we didn't mind, and played all day with the guinea pigs. I have learned a little more Bernduetch since (but not much...), and Nadine has completely mastered English, down to slang phrases, so we had a lovely time. We searched high and low (Litterally! Ha!) for ice cream, but eventually setlled for pizza. Ha! Walked all around Thun, and along the lake...sehr shöne!

Then we took the bus to Hilterfingen, and met my parents and uncle and aunt at the church there so my Uncle Markus could play the HUGE pipe organ there for us, and then I played flute for them (and Nadine!) and let me tell you, those acoustics were INCREDIBLE!!! I had so much fun.

Well, I would write more, I really want to, but I am being summoned. No pics today. I don't have tons, so I will leave it until next time. Hugs...lots of hugs all around!

Sheila the crazy


Jen said...

Everything sounds terrific....but not a word about FOOD in several days. Why? Is it so fabulously cheese-related that you're satiated to the n'th degree, and thus have become fuzzy headed? (In swiss, I believe this translates as "head cheese", but I could be wrong......)
Please keep on blogging. It's a riot! :>) Jen :>D

Mariah said...

Hey there girlie! I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to see family, see your home, ect. I'm glad you aren't just seeing it but also experiencing it for all it is. I like how you seem to feel about everything going on around you. I wish I felt more. :)
Have a wonderful time!