Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pictures...and food!!!

Hi everybody!
Can I say I really don't like Windows Vista? It won't let me choose which pics I want to upload, and now the silly operating system is uploading all 820 pics from my camera. Gah!!! I DON'T NEED THE PICS FROM ITALY ON THE COMPUTER! Grgh. Okay. I will delete them. Hopefully it won't take too long. Haha!!!

Well Jen, huge apologies. I will talk about and post pictures of FOOD this time. :D We saw the market in Bern, and I had Hase Schoggi. (Not so sure on the spelling of 'hot' in Berndeutch...)
Yesterday we went to Bern and saw my Dad's aunt and uncle, who, unfortunately, have grown VERY frail in the last 6 years. It was an extraordinarily awkward, yet somehow nice visit.

My Mom isn't feeling very well, so we have postponed our trip to Adelboden until Saturday. You know, I really have come to love my feminine cycle, but sometimes they cause people such pain that I wonder at the point of it all. *sigh* Oh well. Hopefully she will feel better by Saturday.

Aaaahhh...I hear church bells!!! They are so pretty, and I will miss them when we go home! I think I will always be plagued by missing one home or the other. I have a funny feeling that Marianne knows what I am talking about. But while I am thinking of it, Marianne, I can't remember WHERE in England you are from, and it has been driving me crazy trying to remember the last couple days.

So, I left my swim suit in Italy, and we probably won't get it back for another couple days, so I think we are going to town to get another swim suit and my Dad and I are going to jump in the river or lake. Or both. Ha! It will be fun.

Oh, and tomorrow is August 1st, which is the Swiss national day celebration thing, like July 1st for Canada, so I get DOUBLE fireworks this year! Yeaaahhhh!!! And I get to see Judy, so that will be awesome.

Well, I am still waiting for my 820 images to upload, and I can't think of too much more to say. I think I'll go check Jen's blog. I'll add pics when they are uploaded.

...still waiting...

Agh, finally!!! Okay, so some of the best pictures, some of me, some of me with my cousins, some of me and Nadine, etc., are on my Mom's camera, and my Mom isn't here, so I don't have access to her camera. Hopefully next time I am at a computer, I can post them then. Here we go!

Hase Schoggi!!! On the boat on the lake!
So tasty. :D
Bern. SOOOO pretty!
The house where I spent the first year of my life! (Top appartment)
View from H√ľnibach
Little houses.
Lake Thun. Looks like ocean, hey? :)
The Banhoff (train station) in Thun
Kurt (my Dad's cousin), my Dad, my Mum, Tante Louisa, Uncle Albert. (my Dad's Aunt and Uncle)
Me in the square near the Castle of Thun, built in the 1100s. Wow!

Tante Ruth, Uncle Peter, and my Dad. The three siblings, all HAPPY together! Yay!!!
So pretty. Off lake Thun. that a tree faery?
The path by the lake.
Another view from H√ľnibach

Well, now I am off to walk up a trail through the forest with my Dad.


Mariah said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures, Sheila! I love that pink skirt. :D

Jen said...

Hi Sheila,
I've never spelled (correctly) "Hi-seh-Shockie" but it is my favourite! :>) Love the sunlit pictures of you sipping a hot beverage on the boat, and all the beautiful surrounds. Thinking of you. Best, Jen :>)

Marianne Sadik said...

Hi Sheila!
Okay - I'll put you out of your craziness! I came from a rural village near Portsmouth (naval city) on the south coast of England, nestled in the South Downs, about 60 miles from London. I know what you mean about church bells - the recorded ones at QB Town Hall don't quite cut it do they! Enjoy the celebrations tomorrow - more fireworks! Lucky Girl!
Hugs to all, Marianne :D

Idzie said...

Oooh, I love how those big trees are growing right from the side of a hill! Lucky you! I love going for walks in the forest. :-)


beautifulgraceblog said...

Great to hear about your trip! Looks like you're having beautiful weather- :D I kind of miss you though, you haven't been around for a long time.

Nella Camille said...

Couldn't be a tree faery. Much to beautiful!! :*

Tiffany said...

Hey Girl!

Looks like you're having an absolutely fantabulous time! Oh, wow!! I can't believe you get to visit all those places!! You are so blessed!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with ya more-been terribly busy. And tell your mom I know exactly what she goes through! ;)

Hope you're doing well, dearest-love you bunches!