Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pompei and Vesuvius!

Well, that was a long day! I know I am posting often, which is supposed to make you happy, even though it is unexpected, and it is not as likely to happen so frequently later, but I can now, so it saves me some time posting pictures later. :)

Yes, it was a long, hot day, but here I am, back again. :) I was feeling tired and kind of out of sorts when we got to Pompei, but we did it anyway, and it was really interesting! We spent 3 hours there, and I felt overly hot and almost sick feeling from it, but still sort of okay somehow. Thank you B vitamins!!! Anyway, sickly or not, it was fascinating! Saw some of those neat casts of bodies that were buried in the ash, and all sorts of neat artefacts. Just fascinating...I mean, people lived there, it was a real city, not just a museum! Quite amazing. Everything from the ruts in the road from the carts, to the houses, the shops, the pools, everything, it is just incredible, and I was THERE today! Can not believe it!

Then we went to Vesuvius, (we were driven around by the man from the place we are staying at, and another couple was with us, they wanted to go to Vesuvius.) and I really struggled with whether or not I should hike up. You can drive part of the way up, and the last 30 minutes or so is hiking up loose gravel and scree. I was SO tired, and SO hot, although we had stopped at a lovely restaurant for lunch, and I felt slightly rejuvenated. After much deliberation (and perhaps a stroke of insanity! Hahahahahahahaaa!!!) I decided to do it, and my Mum decided to join me, which was fun. :) It was really tough, but it was not as bad as I expected, and it was an absolutely amazing view over Naples and out into the Mediterranean sea, and the island of Capri. do get to look into the volcano, and it is just stunning. You know that thing is evidentially active and ready to blow? And Naples is right beneath it. We are going to have another Pompei one of these days. Just glad that was not today. :D Anyway, it was really beautiful, and I am glad I did it.

This evening, after supper I was asked by the other people staying here, to play my flute, so I played the first 3 movements of my Bach Sonata (by is all there! Yesssss!!!!) and Out of the Cool. They were stunned and loved it, so I was kind of happy and excited. :D

Now I am here. Seems like there is not a lot to write, but it was a super long and interesting day. Tomorrow we do Rome, visiting the Vatican and all that. Yet another hugely long day. I am looking forward to it, yes, but I am also looking forward to coming back in the evening and being able to say "Yes, that was good, but I am glad to be going to bed." because I know I will be glad. :) Pray that those B vitamins kick in. I think I am going to stick one in my pocket to take after lunch. Otherwise I will never make it. Fortunately, I am not as emotional as I was on Sunday and Monday, otherwise I would be bawling, because the thoughts that made me cry keep popping back into my head. Things keep reminding me of certain people, and I keep missing you. Lots.

Ah yes, and some of the people we met are Kiwis (from New Zealand) and it is so fun to hear their accents. There is a British, Kiwi, and Canadian accent in this house right now, and it is hilarious! My "Yeah" now sounds different, and I can not get my normal one back. It is so weird! And amusing!

Anyway, I am off! Many hugs to all of you. Miss you millions.

Outside Pompei

A road in Pompei

Houses (I think) in Pompei

The Goddess Diana

Me feeling very out of sorts and irritated about absolutely nothing. Go figure.

Me in the music and poetry amphitheatre. Fitting, hey? If only I had had my flute!

My Dad being theatrical in the music and poetry amphitheatre

The theatre and plays amphitheatre.

Someone suphocating in the ash from Mount Vesuvius, amidst a host of random artefacts. there is a gate in front of here and you can not walk among them.

Me by some big pillars in the forum. :P

The road up Vesuvius.

Inside the volcano!

On the way up the silly mountain!

More view into the volcano.

The shadows of myself and my Mum on the edge of Vesuvius.

The view out into Naples and the Mediterranean sea

That is Capri on the right

The highways are well kept, but the driving is crazy! Not scary like Toronto, but so different from BC!

Italian billboards! You almost do not expect it, eh?

So many different brands of cookies...Italian cookies, I suppose! :)

The nice people I played for...

Me playing for the nice people!

No witty captions today, sorry!

Hugs again!

Sheila Christine,
Palestrina, Italy


Sadie said...

The goddess Diana appears to have gone through arm amputation..... =)

Those pics are stunning! I like the one of your dad in the music and poetry amphitheatre....I have one almost exactly like it on my dad goofing off in the J. F. Kennedy memmorial in Dallas. :) I'll have to send it to you.

Keep on having fun!

Marianne Sadik said...

Hi again Sheila (and Mum & Dad too of course!)
So amazing to be enjoying your holiday with you - the wonders of modern technology! Boy it does look hot - I'd be wilting too! But the views and the sense of timeless history are wonderful - something that I miss even though our BC scenery makes up for it! Are you enjoying the wonderful Italian food - thought I'd mention FOOD before Jen does! :D Hope you're sleeping well - as I write it's nearly 2 a.m. your time - sweet dreams! BFN, Marianne

Jen Cluff said...

Hi Sheila (and mum&dad and Marianne too! :>)
Wow. This is exciting stuff. I've always been interested in Pompei, how amazing you are there taking pictures of suffocating mummified clay people. Weirdly wonderfully shockingly wild. Whooooooo!
So sorry you were nearly getting heat-stroke.
I would carry water and wet my "heidi-style" braided hair, and drink lots and lots of water. I used to get heat stroke all the time, so now I know the tricks to avoid it. LOVE the photo of the Italian cookies. More food photos please! (you were right to mention food Marianne!) Also, loved the cobble-stone crazy up and down street scenes. Just having a ball reading along. Cool that your flute got an airing. Just so happy you're writing this all down.
Hugs, Jen :>)

Mariah said...

Hey there again, Sheila!
Once again, it sounds like you having a great time. I love seeing all the pictures of you in so many places. Sorry, I don't have time to comment much. Right now I'm at my grandma's so I need to go.
Love you,

Sheila said...

Yes, FOOD!!! I will be sure to write more about food in my next post...tonight, hopefully. Hey Marianne, you need to sleep, you goofy girl!

Heyyyy...I think I WILL braid my hair today! Good idea! Thank you!!! Otherwise I really would wilt in Rome today. :)

I am off to Rome today, hugs!

Maria said...

I like long posts! How come I'm always the last person to find them?

Idzie said...

Wow. I want to see that!! It all looks amazing, and in such great condition considering how very old it is...

Isabelle :-)