Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am here!!! Yep, I am officially in Rome, and can not find the apostrophe on this keyboard, so I will not have any wonts or donts in here. Can not do that without the apostrophe, and this silly Italian keyboard is not easy to figure out. At least the letters are in the same places. The shift key is over a bit though, so I keep typing things like

The flight from Toronto to Rome was nice, but by 6 or 7 hours, you start to get a little exhausted, shall we say. I mean, we left Toronto at 8:30pm local time and got in at 10:30am Rome time, and I could not sleep at all on the plane, try though I might, so basically we completely missed a night. I know I should be in bed, it being after 10:00pm, (22:00!) but I did sleep 3 hours this afternoon, and I know that I will have plenty to post about later. Isabelle, I thought of you when we flew over Montreal!

The place we are staying at is a fantastic B & B outside of Rome, right near Palestrina, of all places! (You musicians should remember that name!) It is called Anne"s place (replacing apostrophe with quote mark, sorry). I think this is the web address for it if you are curious: Anyway, it is incredibly beautiful here, just like all the pictures, you know?

Anyway, after our short snooze this afternoon, we were driven into Palestrina, and walked all through. When I studied Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina in music history last October (or whenever it was now...) I would never have guessed that I would be wandering through the streets of his hometown or walking past the house where he was born! And goodness, he was born in what, 1525? Amazing. Lots of neat things, actually. Cobble stone streets, and beautiful ruins, so lovely! There is a wonderful museum up at the top (the town is sort of built in terraces), which used to be this fabulous palace/temple thing. Really neat. All sorts of frescos and sculptures and other random ancient items that are fabulous. So glad we went in there. I found it kind of sad, you know, there was absolutely no one else in that museum! I have pictures of the outside, but you were not allowed to take pictures inside.

So we walked all down through, saw the cathedral where Perluigi himself "did his stuff" so to speak. Oh, Susan, after studying all this with you, I hope you see this post. I find it so incredibly amazing! I will never forget a thing about this man again! If only I could go to the hometown of ALL the composers I study!!! I mean, I am IN Palestrina!!!!! Craaaazy!

So tomorrow we are going to Pompei, so that should be extremely interesting, and I will be sure to take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow night. I am not doing too badly with posting, am I? I know I am missing something in this post, but I can not imagine what, so I will leave you with an armload of pictures, and hopefully this will post successfully!

Like I always say, if you read this, please comment, and do check the last post if you have not already.

Dea Sheilius, Goddess of tourism! (this is actually in a Goddess temple! Fortuna, I believe.)

A slightly more civilized picture of the goddess. :P

An extraordinarily tired Sheila on the airplane. "Will you just take the silly picture so I can put my earphones in again?"

Is it not gorgeous?

Just like all the pictures!

Italy!!! Mamamia! These pics are Palestrina.


So Italian!

The country, out towards where our B & B is

There I am!!!

Did I mention I was in Italy?

The cars are all tiny!

The birthplace of Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina!


The man himself!

Inside the cathedral!

In front of the statue of Perluigi.

We went for dinner, but they did not want to pose. :(

And I am off!!!

Many, many hugs!!!
Sheila Christine

Palestrina, Italy


Lisa said...

I didn't know you were going to so many places! I don't really know what to say except that I like the post and I am commenting to let you know that I read it. Keep posting!

Maria said...

Oooo!!! So much fun! I like all these pictures of you too, by the way! Isn't traveling so much fun? You're in my prayers, just to let you know :)

Didn't I say they wouldn't steal your flute?

BTW, I took my first five or six ferries this weekend. They're quite fun!

Marianne Sadik said...

Hi Sheila!

WOW! The adventure has just begun and already you've done soooooooooo much! Hope you're enjoying Pompei today - REALLY glad that Dad mended the camera - the photos are great! Wish I was there and YEP! we're missing you all too! :) Love to everyone,

Jen Cluff said...

Hello Sheila. I LOVE the photos and the descriptions; hiliarious *and* amazing. Enjoying your travel blog so much so much! Terrific! Jen :>)

Sadie said...

Oh, wow! I'm glad you're having fun....Wish I was there!

And that's funny about the Italian keyboard; I even have hard time with the one on my mom's's all squished and weird, even if the keys ARE in the right places. Oh well...... =)

Mariah said...

Hey Sheila! Just letting you know that I'm reading and enjoying everything! I love seeing all the pictures of you and your family. Everything looks really beautiful! And yes, you are doing a GREAT job posting! :D

Idzie said...

Absolutely awesome!! I have Italian roots, and I've always wanted to visit there. I'm quite envious, really. :-P All the pic's are amazing, and it just looks so dang cool! Sorry if I'm going on a bit, I just have a thing about Italy... Anyway, it looks like you're having a good time, and keep the pictures coming!

With lots of hugs,

P.S. Thanks for thinking of me as you passed by, if I'd known when you were passing, I would have waved at the sky! :-P