Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tomorrow we leave!

It still hasn't sunk in yet. Tomorrow we leave. Sunday we fly out. Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

I think I might do log entries as I go, (on the plane, etc.) and then just type them into a computer as I go, so that I don't have to think up some great thing once I get there. We'll see. I have to write in my diary too, so juggling this could prove difficult. I realized about 2 days ago that I hadn't written ANYTHING in my diary about the trip. Can you believe it? How sad is that? All my latest diary entries have been about my spiritual journey and walk with God.

I'm really excited about the trip inside, but I'm not jumping up and down, because a.) there are so many things to remember, and b.) I don't have time to be excited, and c.) honestly, I'm going to miss what you see in that top picture. Home. The Pacific Ocean, the seagulls, and the smell of the sea. The ever-present evergreen trees, the big maples, and the company of people I love. HUGS to Jen, Marianne, Susan, Rosemary, random people I visit from choir, random people I meet in interesting places I go! I'm going to miss you all. I know I'll be back in 5 weeks time, but I mean, It's been what, a week and a half since my last flute lesson/trio, and 2 weeks since voice, and 1 week since I've seen Susan, and I miss you all already! It's terribly sad. :(

But yes, I'll be back, raring to go in 5 weeks. Well, maybe after the jet-lag wears off! Then I'll be taking a lifeguard course (final one, yesss!!!) and doing a trio gig! Yay! I'm seriously planning ahead!

In any case, I still have lots of practicing to do today, another bathroom to clean, a few last-minute things to pack, and a host of other things to remember, so I'd better go and get a few of them done.

To those I'm leaving behind at home, I'll miss you!
To those I never see anyway, I'll still miss you!
To those I'm coming to see, I can't wait to see you, and I'll miss you when I leave there!

Meh...I'll miss everybody. :D
Sheila Christine

PS. Please comment...everybody! :D


Idzie said...

Ah! Those pictures are beautiful... I've always wanted to visit BC... With all the places I want to visit, I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling as soon as I come up with enough money to do so! Anyway, enjoy your trip, and best of luck with your performance!

Sheila said...

Well if you're ever out in this neck of the woods, you'll have to come see me!!!

Idzie said...

For sure. :-) Sadly, unless I find a way to earn money sometime soon, it will probably be a while... :-(

Sheila said...

I know the feeling...

Mariah said...

I really like that top picture. I wish I could be there! I'll be praying for you and I can't wait to hear the upcoming news all about your trip.
I'm missing you too!

Nadine said...

I just wrote you an e-mail but I thought that maybe you'll read the comments on your blog first =) What I actually want to ask: Could you send me the cell phone number of you dad or mom: I think it's easier to arrange a date in Thun like that. I've already given you my number didn't I?

Love you a lot!


Sadie said...

Yayyy! I love the pictures! Have a great trip! (Just think, in five weeks you'll be wondering where all the time went. :p)

Love you!

Sadie said...

Oh, and I wanted to point out that this part of you blogger profile rhymes:

I'm vegetarian and like tofu, I don't wear make-up or use shampoo.

Did you mean it to?? It sounds like the beginning of a cool poem! ;)

Jennifer Cluff said...

Speaking of tofu and shampoo....etc. etc. Can you tell me what you use instead of shampoo?? do you create your own out of some other substance? Or just wash your hair with water? Jen
P.S. can't wait for your first trip blog en route!

Marianne said...

Hi Sheila! Hope you've had a safe and enjoyable journey. Thinking of you and sending a big hug right back! Love to Mum & Dad too! Enjoy every moment of your adventure - it will all still be here just as you remember it when you get back! :D

Maria said...

I guess you're probably in Europe now, which means we're probably geographically closer than ever before. Unfortunately I don't think I could come up with a reason for my family to let me wander off to Switzerland...

Sheila said...

I'll tell you soon, Jen, don't have time now, but I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for commenting. Love, hugs, love, hugs. More schmeckeroos!!!


Sheila said...

Okay, actually, I have a moment.

No, I didn't notice that that rhymed, Sadie, (Emma) thanks for noting that, I think I can have some fun there. :D

Jen, currently, I use a dilution of about 2-3 tsp of baking soda in a cup or two of water, dumped on my hair and worked in really well, especially on the scalp, then rinse right away (or it gets really frizzy) and then I use a dilution of a couple tsp of white vinegar (or some people use apple cider vinegar) in a couple cups of water, and use that on the neck down amount. (I find it makes my scalp weird, so just on the length) Leave it a few minutes, and rinse really well. That's it, but sometimes, when my hair feels strange, or I just feel like it I then spread honey straight on my hair and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse it out, and/or use chamomile or rosemary (or a combination) tea on it. I don't rinse out the tea, and the honey/chamomile smells GREAT! Love it. It takes a while to get a good routine going, and the first 2-9 weeks your hair is 'detoxing' from having all the sebum (natural oils) stripped out by shampoo, and your head is still overproducing the oils, and has to adjust. After that detox time, it evens out. Like I said, takes a bit to get used to, but it's so much better for your hair. More info:

There you have it! I might have missed something...hope not! Hugs!!!


Nella Camille said...

I loved the picture of the sun shining through the branches of the tree :)