Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I found a computer! Yessss!!!!! Thank you to Mrs. Arato!!!

Here I am in Toronto. I don't have lots of time, so I'm going to have to make this pretty short, but I think I can get some pictures up before the end of the post. :)

We spent a lovely evening at my Grandparents on Saturday, a nice break from all the hectic running around we had been doing earlier in the day and on Friday. Hey Maya, I managed to stop at Treego and show my Dad!!! Now HE wants to do it!!! :D Got to sleep okay with the aid of Gravol, and actually got up in good time, 4:20am or so. Seems like when you know you have something important to do, it's not that hard. So yes, we ate a little something (yogurt...not much) and headed to the airport. Nothing exciting, they didn't even check my metal-laden bag (flute, piccolo, digital camera and recorder, mp3 player......) and we were off! You know that Air Canada now has individual screens for each seat? So you can have your choice of about ten billion movies (some nice ones too, actually) and watch! They took away the meals, but they added screens. What's up with that? Lovely flight though.

On arrival in Toronto, my Mum's Auntie Ruth picked us up, and we went to her amazing, 1940s home. Lovely little spot. Another family member came to visit that afternoon, too. Monday morning, we went downtown, and my Mum showed us around. (She grew up in Toronto) Even went up the CN tower! And yes, Jen, I looked up Eglinton when we were there. Didn't get up as far as you were though. :( Took the subway, which was kind of a fun and new experience for me too. Then I dropped my camera on the glass floor in the CN tower, and jammed the lens. I wasn't happy. Camera didn't work!!! Nooooo!!! So we walked (and walked and walked) down to a camera store, only to have them say that it would cost $150 dollars to fix and I could get a new one for less, not a happy thought. My Dad then proceeded to realize there was nothing to lose, and just shoved the lens into place, and now it works again. Haha! Free fix! Except that we were WAY down there at the camera store. Did manage to get back to a subway station, and headed home. I really like downtown Toronto, I must say, the diversity, and all, but the noise....oh! I think I like my little island. Or better yet, stick my on the bumpy ferry and head me over to L******* island!!! Yay! I'm kind of sad I didn't bring my shirt that I made over there along. Oh well, no one knows what it is anyway.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove down to the house where my Mum grew up. It's changed a lot, apparently, and it was hard for her, but you know, when we went down to the little park where she used to play, I felt like I'd been there, like part of me was part of her, and I almost remembered playing there and laughing there with her. It was the strangest thing, and impossible to put into words. Beautiful, though. Made me cry, and I just lay there in the grass, tears streaming down my cheeks, feeling like I'd discovered a part of me--a memory--that I had never known existed. Still haven't figured it out.

In the evening, I sat on the lawn and stared at the moon, feeling its glow and it's beauty, and just felt like the faeries were all about me. I'm dreamy, I know, but it's so real.

Today, here I am, visiting a lady who used to be a neighbour to the house where my Mum grew up, Mrs. Arato, and she is the sweetest lady ever. Ah! I just feel so happy right now. I've cried a lot, I miss you all, and all my lessons, and my visits, and the ocean and everything, but I'm okay.

Off to Rome tonight, we leave for the airport in just over an hour. I think I'll have a computer there, so I'll hope to get another post done there. Many, MANY hugs to all of you, best of luck in everything.

Oh, and PLEASE do comment, even if you think you shouldn't, just do. :D

Here are the pictures!!! They are all out of order, I'm sorry. Captions underneath

A bit dark, but it's me on the CN tower!!!

Again, dark, sorry, but it's the subway!!! I wish I had time to post more of the station and such.

My Mum and I in front of her old (and much-changed) house.

My Mum's cousin Brian, my Mum, my Mum's Auntie Ruth, and Me, in Aunti Ruth's garden!

View from Mrs. Arato's apartment.

View from the CN tower. I thought this was a better one, but I don't have time to upload more now.

First glimpse of the CN tower!

Reflection of the CN tower.

Hugging the CN tower!

Ah! There's a better view from the CN tower!

Just about to leave from Victoria...love how the sun is over my shoulder, though it makes my face hard to see.

My travel attire...so comfy!

Last glimpse of my beloved trees. I miss home!!!

It's down island, but it reminds me of something...... :)

The prairies!!!

Hugs, again. :)

Sheila Christine


Jennifer Cluff said...

Hi Sheila! How wonderful to see your blog explode with pictures and tales. WONDERFUL! I've been checking in every day, I have to admit......we all miss you TOO!! :>) But wow. So far sounds incredible!! Thanks for the email too. Yes, it's hard to practise three instruments and travel the world the whole time. I read Yehudi Menhuin's book on "how I eat yogurt and do my stretches, and shop for special breads with whole grains and practise too" book, and it really must work when you're jet-setting around; practise in the mornings before you set off for the day, that's what he seems to recommend. Afternoons too, while others rest. Hope that helps. Can't wait to hear more. Best, Jen :>)

Lisa said...

Wow! I'd love to travel :) It's great hearing about what you are doing. I can't wait for the next post.

Mariah said...

Sheila! Wow! Everything looks great! I'm so glad that everything went well with all the traveling. I'll be praying that the rest of it will be just as non-hectic. :D
Cool, Treego! Boy! was that last level hard! I don't know if I'd want to do that again. But I'd probably try. :)
Digital cameras are crazy to fix! I'm glad your dad got it to work. :)
Great pictures! It must be fun to experience so many new things. I've always wondered what a subway would be like. I love the picture of you in your travel attire. Very pretty! Oh, and the picture of you just about to leave Victoria is very nice too. I love it! :D
Have a wonderful time!

Sheila said...

Jen, "how I eat yogurt and do my stretches, and shop for special breads with whole grains and practise too"? Hahahahahaaa!!!! That is hilarious!!! I will have to hear more about that later. For SURE!!! We are going to Pompei tomorrow, so hopefully I will have time to practice in the afternoon. Otherwise it will have to wait until Tuscany. Honestly, it is a fabulous feeling to know you are missed. :)

Thanks Maya! Yeah, that last Treego level was crazy. I might attempt it again though. :D Thanks!

Lisa, I am about to post!

Nella Camille said...

Such lovely pictures of a lovely girl, Sheila!! Have fun in Rome!! That's a place I'd love to visit. Hugs!!

Sadie said...

Great pictures! And that's so funny about your camera; I had a duplicate experience when Cheyenne was here...even down to my dad fixing it by wiggling the lens around. Too random!!

I can tell you're having fun! :)

Jen Cluff said...

Hi again Sheila,
I just looked up the book (it was from the library) by Menhuin where he seemed to spend inordinate writing effort on a chapter about seeking out proper Russian yogurt, whole grains and sprouted seeds etc. and quietly practising with a big mute on his violin, while doing headstands in his hotel room. It was somehow fussily delicate, and somewhat Austrian; I believe he mentions goat's milk etc. Very funny to read in the middle of a violinist's how-to book. It was titled "Life Class - Reflections of an Itinerent Violinist" and there are excerpts here: http://www.thewholeguitarist.com/books/LifeClass.htm in case you're curious to see his hotel-practising concepts. The dude HAD to know what he was talking about for sure; just slightly *whacky* and yet delicate and sensible....like good quality goat's milk. :>P
Ha! A very enjoyable summer-read for some OTHER summer when you're not so jet-setting. :>) Best, Jen

Idzie said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner, things have been busy this past week!

Looks cool! It's been a while since I've been to Toronto, so don't remember much of it at all... I'll have to visit there again sometime.

Good thing your camera got fixed, it would have been awful if you couldn't take pictures on such an exiting trip!

It sounds like a beautiful feeling, connecting with your roots like that... I get a similar, though lesser, feeling at the property in Gaspe where my great grandmother grew up, and my mother spent many of her summers when growing up. And I too, have felt there must be faeries around. Sometimes a particular night in a particular place just feels magical.

Isabelle :-)