Friday, July 4, 2008

What have I been doing?

Well, just over a week until we leave! Where did the time go? So, what have I been up to, anyway?

Packing, working, practicing, and busking, actually! As well as just enjoying a bit of summer, of course. I even got down to the ocean last week and went for my first salty swim of the year! Water wasn't bad, either, rather room-temperature. :)

So, working. I worked a bit last summer at a little organic farm, and so I'm working there a bit again off and on. It's fun (but backbreaking!) work, and very rewarding. It's the kind of hard work that I really enjoy; outside with nature, no pesticides, no crap to breathe in, peaceful, sunny, rewarding, quiet. Just lovely. So here are a few pictures from that. (First one is from today, the next couple are actually from last year)

It may not look like much, but that row of Dahlias was covered in a forest of 3-foot high weeds before I got to it. Seriously...that is a huge accomplishment right there. See those huge piles of green in the middle? The weeds.

Lettuce, framed by more weeds. :)

My favourite little monkey, driving a truck down the rows.

So, what else? Practicing and packing, mostly. My music is overwhelming, to say the least, but I'm enjoying it, really I am. :) I even have my piece for Galway memorized! Need to work on it more though....


Busking! Today I went busking! I busked in town for just over 3 hours, and got about 70 flippin' bucks! $70!!! Can you believe it? Crazy, I know. I mostly played old, fun, and easy music, that was just a joy to mess around with, and yes, I humiliated myself on a few bars, but people didn't seem to mind, so that was lovely. For the most part I played well, and really enjoyed it. I was stunned by how quickly the time flew past. Very awesome. Here I am!

Frowning...I guess that was one of those bars... :D

Oh, and how could I leave out Canada Day? It was lovely. I didn't get down to the events during the day, but we did go down to the fireworks in the evening by the beach, and it was fabulous! Very patriotic and awesome. I admit, I felt extremely lonely, and would have really liked to have someone [my age-ish] to dance around with and hug, but it wasn't to be. So it was a strange combination of feeling patriotic, happy, loved, lonely, and sad. Very strange, but somehow beautiful. Here are a few pictures of dusk, just before the fireworks. :) The picture at the top of this post is also from July 1. (Canada Day)

So patriotic, those chairs. :D

So many people!!! (and this really doesn't give you a feel for how many people were there, it was CHAOS getting out! Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, seriously!)

Incredible sunset!

We have fireworks in Canada too, really!

So that's that! Tomorrow I have an arts fest to go to, and I need to finish packing (and re-packing) and practicing, and whatnot, so off I go!

Happy trails!

Love and peace,
Sheila Christine

PS. If you read this, please comment, even if you just say "Hey!". Means a lot. :)


Mariah said...

Hey Sheila! :D
Once again it sounds like you're busy and happy! Great pictures! The busking sounds very interesting! Wow! 70 bucks, way to go! :)
Beautiful picture of the fireworks. I just got done celebrating Independence Day with fireworks. But there weren't any that big here.

Idzie said...

You were busking? That is awesomely cool. It's one of the many things on my long list of life to do things. :-P I always enjoy Canada Day celebrations. This year I was downtown for the big parade in Montreal, since my sister was in it (playing snare drum in a pipes and drums band). I was the official water carrier and one of several photographers, so I was tired by the time I got to the end, but still had a lot of fun.
And afterwards we went to a place closer to home to watch the fireworks... Good day... So yeah, Canada Day rocks :-)


grey squirrel said...

Hey! Those are usually pretty good fireworks I hear. I've only been to see them once...with some neighbours of ours who had just moved. They played some strange version of Vivaldi's "summer" (you know, the really fast crazy half)in the techno style or something. It was kinda cool! Some good fireworks there.

Good job on the busking! People like to sit in the sunshine, read a book on the grass, and listen to beautiful flute music. Sounds pretty close to Heaven to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey ;-)

Busking - there now is my golden ticket to my golden years... perhaps I can take up the harmonica or penny whistle and play myself into fame and riches (or not :-)

Congrats on the awesome returns! What a blessing the Lord gave you! Enjoy each moment.
Love and hugs,

Sheila said...

Thanks everybody!

PS. Thanks Layne, no problem. :)

Maria said...

Sounds like someone is having fun! Good job in the park! BTW, are Canadian dollars worth more or less than American ones? I forgot to tell you that that wasn't clear on Windy Covers either...

Hugs! Hope you have a great trip!

Nella Camille said...

I'd never heard of busking before. . . at least, not by that term. Is it Canadian?