Friday, August 15, 2008

Coming home!

Sorry I haven't been writing!

I have been very busy the last two weeks, and unable to access a computer. TONS of pictures to post, which I will do next week when I am home, as I don't have time to put them on now.

Weggis and the Galway masterclass was fantastic, albeit a bit stressful and LONG and TIRING...but really good. You certainly learn to take criticism!!!!! Hahahahahahahaa!!!! But I met some wonderful people, and had some crazy times, and I actually hope that I can go again some time, though that thought was the furthest from my mind the first day. Jen, you will be happy to know that things got much better after Monday. :) So much flute that week...they rang in my ears at bedtime.

This week was good too, although, again, I didn't think that the first day or two. I was the only flute student, so that was awkward. I was in a room with three other oboists! I think I practically know as much about the oboe as the flute now, though I have never even tried playing one. Crazy, but fantastically interesting. It was neat to play in ensembles. Very awesome. Again, fantastic, amazing people, and I feel very blessed to have had such friends, even for a short time. Hopefully we will stay in touch, and I will meet such people like that at home. Hopefully.

So, that was a short (VERY simplified!) version of what I have done the past two weeks, I am fine, I am happy, I have learned lots, and I am COMING HOME ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a wonderful trip, and I feel very connected with my homeland now, much more than before, but I am ready to go home to Beautiful British Columbia. And maybe, in a year or two, I shall return to this home, and spend more time getting to know it better.

So for those who live in BC, I will see you soon, for those who I met on the trip, I will email you soon, and for those who live randomly throughout the internet, I will be back in business (though a little less fervently, for I have lost some of my interest in the computer on this trip), and talking with you all again. Very exciting.

I will post more pics and other exciting stuff next week when I am home and rested.

Lots of hugs...hugs hugs hugs!!!!!
Sheila Christine


Mariah said...

I'm glad things went well with your class! To bad I'm not one of the people that live in BC, but maybe we'll get to see each other again in the next couple of years. I'm looking forward to more pics!

Jen said...

Great to hear from you about the last two weeks. Can't wait to hear and see mp3s and photos....WOW!!!
See you soon. Jen :>)

Marianne Sadik said...

Hi Sheila
Glad that all is well with you - we've missed your blogs (and were a wee bit worried) but know that you can't have had any time these last two weeks! I'm off to England tomorrow, so travel safe on your way home and I'll see you when I get back! Hugs to everyone,

Idzie said...

Hey, glad to hear from you! It must be nice heading home, but also a bit sad... Anyway, hopefully we can talk over email once you're settled in.

Hugs and more hugs,


Nella Camille said...

Can't wait till you're home and we can hear more about your trip! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, though we all missed you! Love you!!