Friday, August 29, 2008

Figs and life

Okay, I still have a few pictures to post from the trip, but basically I am done. I'm going to write a random blog post, but I want you, at the end of your comments, to give you opinion on whether I should keep this blog going, and just continue, changing my style slightly since I have changed? Or should I go back to the other blog? You vote, I'll make the final decision. :)

Figs are the weirdest fruit I've ever eaten. I think my experience with figs before today was pretty much just with fig newtons. I'd seen them fresh, but I don't think I'd ever eaten one that way, at least not that I remember. Well, my fig story begins with blackberries. This morning, my Mum got me up off my butt and dragged me down to the blackberry bushes at the end of the street. I was cold. I wore my fuzzy blue fleece sweater and my newly-crocheted purple hat, believing the the wind out-of-doors would only increase my coldness. As I got to the blackberry patch, I suddenly realized I would have to admit my faults and take of the sweater and hat--it isn't fall quite yet! Even through the wind, the sun is still toasty. :)

We got enough blackberries for yet another batch of tasty jam, as well as enough prickles in our hands to make our hands ouchy, but I didn't mind. It was lovely being outside in the sunshine, and breathing fresh air. My Mum had gone down to the patch a little ahead of me, and had met up with a lady who just happens to have a heavy-laden apple tree as well as a heavy-laden fig tree, so this afternoon, we headed to her house, returning with bags of fruit in hand. I decided to give a go at a fig this afternoon, and it was the weirdest thing ever! If I didn't know better, I would seriously be questioning those little pink oogly things' vegetarianism!

I also picked up a bag of yellow plums the other day from a table someone had set out by the roadside, for just $3. They are SO good, seriously. I love biting into a little plum and feeling the juicy goodness squirt into my mouth at 100 mph, it is ever so much better than any candy.

I'm beginning to believe that fruit represents people. At this time of year there is so MUCH of it, and so MANY different varieties! Plums, figs, blackberries, apples, pears, Mwah! Think about it, there are so many people in this world, so many varieties, and I'm not just talking about skin colour here. (although you can get a nice analogy for that out of something like yellow plums, prune plums, black plums, and red plums...they are all plums, and taste like plums, no one would argue that, but the fact is they are different, and that's okay!) The variety of this human race goes far beyond skin colour or the sound of your voice, and that depth is called personality. It is an astounding thing, and I'm learning about it more and more.

If you eat two apples off the same tree, chances are they will look slightly different, and taste slightly different, same with people. God created us equal, yet different. Some of us are very shy and reserved all the time, while others never have a shy day in their lives. Some are kind of in between, and that's okay. I've been learning lately, that personalities get covered up by what the trends and people around us say, and I've been thinking about how incredibly sad that is! Imagine the beautiful diversity that we would see if people were openly who God made them to be?

Now, back to the edible plant life. Behind the wild blackberry bushes we also found some zucchini (courgette) plants! I think some people had thrown their compost back there, and these were volunteers! Cool! So we got two huge zucchini out of the deal. How awesome is that?

Oh yeah, and completely eclectic and unrelated, but fun, I wanted to show you the hat I just finished. I know it's summer, but hey, I've been meaning to make this for years (the yarn was just sitting there, begging to be used!) so I worked on it while we were away. Just finished the ear flaps and braids two days ago, and I love it! No pattern, and this is the first crocheted item I've made solely for myself. Yay!

Bad picture, I know...

And yesterday I had an epiphany...

My hair is LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully it will just get longer, because I love it. Yay for long hair!

That was random. I'm off to eat a plum. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sheila the monkey


Lorraine said...

Sheila the monkey? What, No Bananas??? Seriously though, interesting thoughts about the people and fruit - you're right, there are so many different folks with varried ways and such eh?! What you didn't mention is the fruit of the Spirit - Hmmm, maybe another post eh?

Unoe Hoo ;-)

Mariah said...

Hey there! Nice post. I really like having fruit around the house but we never seem have enough here. Interesting picture of the fig. I had never seen one fresh that was opened up. Blackberries look yummy! In know exactly how you feel! I still have scars on my arms and hands from picking them earlier this summer. Actually, I have been picking raspberries some lately(The thorns aren't near as big as blackberry thorns!) and we've made some jam with that.
Oh, zucchini! We have a lot of that growing in our garden right now. We've been making zucchini bread with it. Yummy! I made twenty loaves of it on Tuesday I and think it's all gone now.
Yes, you do have long hair! It looks longer than the last time I saw it. :) Cute hat, too! :D

Sheila said...

Aw, Maya! TWENTY loaves? Wow!!! That is AMAZING! Incredible cook, you are. :)


beautifulgraceblog said...

Well, I've never seen yellow plums or figs. Sounds interesting. I like getting bulk fruit- we pick strawberries at the strawberry farm and get crates of blueberries and peaches from Michigan each year through our co-op. That's always fun because then we have to use up ten pounds of peaches in three or four days. :D

I don't know. Either way is okay by me, after all, it is your blog. This blog is almost more youish than your other one. BTW, it would be fun to see more posts on natural stuff.

Maria Pauline