Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm still here!

Hello everyone!

I'm still here, and yes, I still want to post more pictures from the rest of my trip, and tell you some more fun details, but I'm currently working on a video of video clips and pictures from the trip, which will be fun to share with you and family, etc. So if you haven't already, watch the two videos that I made when I was at Blonay (on my YouTube channel,, and hang in there.

I am also waffling back and forth as to whether to turn this into my normal blog, or go back to my other blog. Give me your thoughts. I also have a few thinky/Christian posts coming up, but I have to let them mush around in my brain a bit first.

Oh, and just so I can say it somewhere, I have committed to the hundred pushup challenge:

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm in, are you?



Mariah said...

Hey there, Chrissi! (I like that name, btw :) Hmm, I really like this blog, the name, colors, everything, so I vote for staying with this one. But do whatever you want. :D
I think I am going to do that challenge. I am already doing an exercise program that I do three days a week, so I'll do this on the days that I don't do my other plan. Good Luck! :D

Sheila said...

You kept up with that? Wow...I envy you. I think the only reason I'll keep up with this is because I had him put my name on the list of committed people! Haha!


Mariah said...

I haven't started the hundred pushups program yet. I'll start either this week or next. Not sure yet. :D