Tuesday, August 19, 2008

James Galway Masterclass!

All the participants. There are lots more auditors too, but this is just a picture of us who performed for Sir James.

So. I guess you are all dying to know how it went, hey?

It was good. It was very, very good. I learned tons, both about flute, about life, and about people, and yeah, it was just a really good experience.

I was a participant, accepted as one of 20, and so I got to perform for Galway himself, twice. This was a very...stretching experience. See, every person has many sides, and no matter a person's status or fame, they can show any one of them, and often at inopportune moments. Am I clear? Or foggy? Ah well, this is the internet, I am allowed to be foggy. :)

The battle begins.... ;)

On Sunday, August 3, we arrived in Weggis. We stayed in a sweet little B&B about a 5 minute bus ride from the school, so it was perfect. Sunday evening was the welcome drink/snacks at a local hotel, which was a nice chance to meet Sir and Lady Galway, and to get acquainted with the other folk.

May I just interject at this moment that it seems like I only get along in real life with musicians and other artsy artists? Musicians and I just...get along. Probably has something to do with the fact that I am a musician, but, in any case! Just noticing the trends in my friendships and acquaintances. Fascinating.

So on Monday morning I played for Sir James. It was not so bad to go up there, honestly, I expected to be more nervous than I was, but it was certainly an interesting experience. I shan't go into details here. I played the Bach Sonata in E major, and on Wednesday I played Out of the Cool for him. Very stretching experience! Wow!

I met lots of amazing people, from just about everywhere. I don't think there was a SINGLE person there that didn't have an accent. Wait...there was one young lady from Calgary. Guess she didn't, but everyone else did! :) We had people from Romania, (Teodora!) the USA, (Katy...yes, you have an accent too!) England, (Kathryn) Sweden, (Ivona) New Zealand, (Christine) Australia, (Jacquie) and so many more places. (I can only mention so many people in a sentence!) Such an international event! Really amazing!

Teodora, Me, and Sir James!

I think the most amazing thing is that from 9:00 in the morning until about 8:00 at night, there was constant flute playing. First was an hour of warm up with everyone, and then there were masterclasses until lunchtime, and during lunch hour there were always sounds of people practicing, (or even worse, me practicing!) and after lunch, masterclasses again, and then flute choir rehearsal, and then suppertime, and you hear more practicing during supper, and after suppertime, a concert of some sort, and then...bed. And when I lay in bed, I seriously felt like I heard flutes, even though we were out in the country a bit, far from the hotels where the other flutists stayed. It was SO weird, but in a strange way I loved it!

On Tuesday, Sir James and Lady Galway gave a concert, and other evenings there were 'showcase recitals. On Wednesday evening, we were to put together groups of 6 flutes, and were carted off to play at hotels and churches. We got some of our music on Tuesday night (after I left, and the rest on Wednesday at lunchtime, and had until 6:00pm to work it up. Ha! They had a practice after I left on Tuesday, as I didn't know we were rehearsing (Well, nobody told ME!) so for one of the pieces, I actually sightread it on stage! Crazy! Fortunately it was a trio we were doubling on as a sextet, so I could drop out if it got too hard, and was covered. Amazing experience, though. It was slightly disorganized (Ha! again!) but we managed to make the best of it, and since we played in the church at this wonderful nunnery, we got served cookies and coke by the sweet nuns afterwards. Totally amazing.

Our Wednesday evening performance

Then on Saturday we had our flute choir performance. I tell you, 60+ flutes playing together is truly amazing! Sir James conducted, and we all had a good time. :)

So, I can't think of tons more to tell you about Weggis, but I feel like I'm missing something, so if you happen to have a question, feel free to ask. The next post will be about the rest of my trip. Mostly pictures I missed and such.

More pictures:

The big room where everything took place.

View of Lake Lucerne at lunchtime

The Wednesday night performance gang: Me, Katy, Rudi, Kathryn, Ivona, and Christine.

We took plenty of pictures!!!

Flute choir rehearsal, last day!!!

The old school house, where registration takes place.

Can you sign my little booklet thingy?

Me and Teodora. We went swimming and then proceeded to be goofy. :D

Hugs to you all!
Sheila...or 'Chrissi' as my Mum has begun calling me. Haha!


Mariah said...

Hey there! I enjoyed reading all about your Galway experience! It sounds amazing! I like all those pictures. It looks like you have a fun time with Teodora! I'm glad! :D

Lorraine said...

Hey Chrissi ;-)

I think as time goes on you will realise just how much you learned over these two weeks of music and LIFE! You were great, in many ways - Way to Go!
Mum ;-)

Idzie said...

That looks like an absolutely amazing experience!! You're so lucky to have had it...
By the way, I love the new design for your blog!