Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vlog and fun!

Here's a fun vlog I made today!



Jen said...

Totally love the vlog, dude. HAHAAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Funny! Vvvunderbarr! Jen :>D

Lorraine said...

Hmmmm....Flute Covers! I think the flute covers on the head are definitely a fashion trend in the making - very snazzy!! And um, you must have really artistic parents to be able to draw like that on your vid - I mean, whiteboard! Wow. Fun vlog. See you later.
You know who... ;-)

Marianne Sadik said...

Hey Sheila from a wetish & windyish England! GLAD to see you relaxing and having some fun! Only in Canada could you get away with saying crap sooooooo much! I'm off on a canal holiday tomorrow with my parents to North Wales - see you when I return! Love & hugs to all, Marianne
PS - have a GREAT concert on Sunday - wish I was there!
PPS - went to my first Prom concert yesterday at the Royal Albert Hall in London - AWESOME!

Mariah said...

Lol, I had fun watching that video but it makes me miss you more! Seeing all of the funny things that you do, so much fun! :D I love all of the random parts at the end. I really need to set up the webcam so we can talk on that soon.