Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hello friends,

NLS is HARD. Yep. Anyway, I'm exhausted, and my brain is whirling nonstop with lifeguarding, music, and trying to figure out what the next few steps in my life will be. It seems I have a lot of opposites in my soul right now, and I have to learn to balance them. We are all so complicated, we humans! Life is certainly interesting, and hopefully I can make heads or tails of mine sometime soon.

I will finish NLS this Sunday, and I'll either be a lifeguard (pass) or not. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Anything would help. Next week I can start getting my brain around things. I'm also feeling very negative about flute lately, and could use some prayer on that. Either I have to re-adjust and positive-ize my feelings about it, or I have to make some serious decisions. Big stuff. Scary stuff. Prayer and thoughts appreciated. I going to get a degree? Should I do a B. Mus even though I'll have my ARCT? Am I going to become a paramedic? ("Woah! She's thinking of becoming a paramedic? When did that happen???") What do I flippin' do???

Yeah, big stuff. AND...I'm 16, so I can't vote (yet!!!) but in a few weeks time, there will be federal elections in Canada: October 14, to be exact. If you are 18+ and a citizen of Canada please vote! I am trying to sort out the whole political scene right now, (great unschooling!) and so far, it looks like my views are best demonstrated by the Green Party. Crazy, I know. I'm not saying for sure yet, but I'm doing a LOT of reading and research. Very interesting. So all I am saying is...


Just a thought. :)

And, I got Facebook. So if you know me well enough to know my last name, look me up. I've got my middle name in there too, so you might want to add it in if I don't come up the first time.

And now I need to sleep. Piano in the morning. YEEAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs,
Sheila Christine


Mariah said...

As always, I'll be praying for you! :D

Marianne Sadik said...

Hi Sheila! tell........are you a lifeguard yet? Whatever the outcome I hope you enjoyed the course! Oooooooooooo..... decisions, decisions! You hit the nail on the head when you said ...... that you are 16! The world is your oyster and you CAN be whatever you want! Just trust that you'll make the right choice at the right time and not a moment before! Hope you're able to spend today recovering and see you soon!
Marianne :)

beautifulgraceblog said...

I know I'm late finding your post, but I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers. I can empathize- I'm going through much of the same(minus the paramedic).

Whatever you decide, I know that you will seek the Lord and follow His plan for you. I have no worries for you, for I am confidant that you will trust Him in these days ahead.

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." Isaiah 30:21