Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can sing!

Hello everyone!
This is a long post, but it's very heartfelt, so it should be fun to read!

I just want to share something really exciting. Well, it's not exactly a specific event or anything, but something that has become so much a part of me!

I can sing.

(So can you!)

The world of voice has opened its doors wide to me, and I am really, really, really excited! Let's begin at the very beginning, shall we? Well, when I was just 7 years old, my Mum had me go to a voice teacher to see what we could do. I was scared. I didn't want to. When the lady asked me if I wanted to sing for her, I promptly said: "NO!" I regretted it as soon as I had said it, and alway have...but it's turned out alright. :)

That year, I auditioned for children's choir. I remember singing 'Row Row Your Boat' for the audition, and how that was the one time I ever saw that director in a dress. It was pink, I believe... In any case, I waited expectantly, and when the letter came in the mail and confirmed that I was IN, I was truly thrilled. I sang in the junior choir between ages 7 and 11, and had such grand fun. I have only good memories. (Well...almost. There was this one girl...)

Overall, choir was an incredible experience. I always dreamed, as a little girl, of singing in the senior choir. When I was 11, I applied to move up to senior choir, and was accepted. For some reason at that time, I was all choired out, and felt very scared of being in a choir with teenagers (even if half of them were just 11-13) and I quit choir. That fall, I kept meeting people who were still in choir, and by Christmas, I felt a deep ache and longing to sing again. I called my director up, and asked to sing in the junior choir for just one more season. January to June, I sang in the junior choir, and during that time I turned 12 years old. I was finally ready to take the leap into senior choir.

Can you find me?

In the fall of 2004, I sang in senior choir. It was SUCH a thrill! I remember auditioning to sing a solo, and while I didn't actually sing a solo, (I sang in a quartet instead) I still remember the thrill of it, and the tremble in my voice. I remember quietly walking off the stage where Kaylee met me, hugged me, and told me how beautiful my voice was. I wasn't convinced, but it made me really happy to have done that. So yes, I sang in the quartet at my one concert with senior choir, and enjoyed it so very much. I will never forget standing there and burning a hole into the centre of Ms. P*****'s head with our eyes.

Feeling glorious and beautiful, in that incredible entity of children's choir. I will never forget the songs we sang--some stand out particularly: Winter Wind, Night Wind, One Little Candle, Jordan's Angel's, Bashana Haba'ah, and so many more. It was something that will always burn brightly within me. But the next month we moved away. I had achieved my goal of singing in senior choir, but I will never have the opportunity to go on a trip with them. It's sad, but I know there will be other chances in my future.

We moved down here, and I tried another choir, but I missed my old choir too much. The new one was (actually, still is!!!) a good choir, but it couldn't replace my choir, so I was choir-less. It was (and still is!) the only thing I truly missed from my old home. (except for my big tree...)

Last Christmastime, I lamented to Susan, (my piano teacher) about how much I missed choir and singing. She told me to check out Rosemary and her choir. So I did. Wow. First off, Rosemary is an incredible person. I will never forget my audition for this new choir. (Not a youth choir) Susan had told me that Rosemary was amazing, but I wasn't prepared. She blew my tiny mind! I remember her asking if I wanted to take lessons too, and I sort of wriggled and said " now I guess." It was January 10th of this year, 2008, and it began something much bigger than I could ever have dreamed. I began with the choir, and had such fun. But something was missing, and so I turned my mind back to that day when I was just 7 years old and said I didn't want to sing. I'd changed my mind. I wanted to sing! I worked it out, and realized I could do it, so I decided to buy myself "a few voice lessons." HA!

Every other week from January 25th until June sometime, I took 45 minutes and went for a lesson with Rosemary. Gah! Susan was totally right. It's been...astounding. One year ago I believed that my highest note was 2 Es above middle C. Boy was I wrong. I can now sing A WHOLE OCTAVE higher than that! Yikes! I performed with my new choir in May, and continued lessons, growing and learning so much in all of this. I have been hanging around in various vocal circles, including Rosemary's other choir, helping out with percussion and other behind-the-scenes things, which is grand fun, and you meet such interesting people!

I have been asked to sing in an incredible youth choir, which I plan to do as soon as I can get there once a week for practices, as it's a bit far. But just that I was asked; wow! Then of course, this past week I've had the opportunity to help behind-the-scenes at a local choral festival, and it has also been incredible. I don't know what other word to use! 14 different choirs, many, many amazing songs, mind-blowing voices, fabulous people, grand parties, and such fun. All because I can sing.

Now I have been given another amazing vocal opportunity. This coming Saturday, I will, along with Rosemary and several other vocal people I've met in the last year, be joining another larger choir to perform, with orchestra, the choral finale of Beethoven's ninth symphony. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowza!

This evening I began to share some of my hard-earned vocal knowledge with my Mum, and I surprised myself with all the images, all the feelings, all the thoughts I could convey about this incredible instrument that God has placed within each body He created. I astounded myself and my Mum, actually, because honestly, I didn't know I knew that much! I'm not bragging here, please understand, I'm just excited!!! It is so fulfilling to warm up your voice, and to sing a song, and feel your entire body vibrating, and being the instrument, echoing every message that you send and conveying it to whoever may stand nearby. I don't have to remember to bring anything along, it is always there, ready, waiting, free!

The support I've had is incredible, from my Parents (who, as of tonight, are very, very excited about the whole venture, and have proclaimed that one day I will lead a choir, which yes, I do plan to sometime in the distant future) to my teachers, (*Mwah!*) to the all the random people I've met through this year because of voice. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your vocal, emotional, and moral support has been unending!

Guess what?

I CAN SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I don't ever plan to stop.

Ten-thousand kisses in tiny sparkling bubbles,

Sheila Christine


Lorraine said...

Thanks so much for sharing your sparkling self with us all and know that we will always be there to help and encourage you as you blossom and grow. God has given you such a lovely bouquet of gifts to use for His glory - enjoy, press on, rejoice \0/

beautifulgraceblog said...

I'm going to guess second row, third from the right. I don't know why, but I'm probably wrong.

Why do you have to make me so jealous? I love to sing and I think I have a good voice, but I haven't been trained. I've been singing in our church choir Christmas cantata since seventh grade, but it isn't enough. :( I would so like to do more with voice, but I haven't had any amazing opportunities yet. Oh well.

All the same, I love you for being a 1st Soprano!!! I don't understand how other people can't sing notes like high E!

Thanks so much for your comments. The only downside to WSI and Lifeguarding is staying certified. WSI is simple, I just have to help teach one class a year, lifeguarding I need a yearly CPR/AED and a lifeguard recert every three years. But I am hoping to stay current, which should be easy as long as I keep my current job.

I should probably email you soon, as I might need your advice... Hugs for my wonderful friend!!


Sheila said...

You found me!!! I'm the only one who is facing straight forward and not turned like I'm supposed to be. Hahaaa!!!

I understand. I felt exactly like you a year ago. I know this isn't much consolation (because everybody keeps saying it to me about local friendships), but it will come eventually. Hang in there! Someone Greater has a plan!!!

Heeyyy...we should Skype and sing some nice 1st Soprano notes together. That would be AWESOME!

Email me anytime, hun, I'm always hangin' around!


Mariah said...

That's awesome! Unfortunately I can't sing, I mean I can *sing*, I just can't sing well. You have some great gifts there!

Marianne Sadik said...

WOW! Sheila!
Sounds like you may have finally found YOUR voice - in more ways than one! I'm so pleased for you! Remember, when you are overwhelmed by the desire to use ALL of your talents at once, that you have a whole life ahead of you! Don't feel guilty about enjoying one thing more than others at that moment. You'll be discovering all sorts of new and wonderful things/people as you go on life's journey! LIVE & LOVE THE NOW!
Marianne x