Monday, October 27, 2008

silly meme

Stolen from Maria's blog! (Ooooooooh....bad pun!)

Another silly quiz thing. :) Without further ado, here are a bunch of random questions answered by yours truly. :)

1.How do you most often wear your hair? Just down, but also I use tiny barrets.

2.What do you like better: Sledding or Swimming? Swim. What do you expect of a lifeguard?

3.What is your favorite thing for breakfast? Homemade whole wheat bread and homemade yogurt.

4.Is one of your siblings married? No siblings. :(

5.Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? Yep, in California

6.Have you ever seen an ocean? Goodness, yes!!! I live a 5 minute bike ride from the ocean!

7.Where would you rather go: England or Australia? That's a really difficult one. Maybe Australia? I know several people there, so that helps. But I have family relations in England. Awkward.

8.Tell me something about you that I don’t know? Stealing Maria's idea here: I am a dual citizen of Canada and Switzerland.

9.Do you want to get married someday? Yesssss!!!!

10.How many TV’s are in your house? One, but just for movies, no cable or satellite or anything.

11.What’s your favorite hymn? Hmmm... I think 'As the Deer'

12.Which one would you rather learn to play: Guitar, Banjo, Piano or Violin? I play piano, so I'm going to say classical guitar from those particular ones. But I don't have time!!!

13.How tall are you? About 5'4/2" or 5'5". depending on who you ask.

14.What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen? Tiny island forests on a foggy day, with moss and the light streaming through the fog, and you can seriously SEE the faeries!

15.Describe where you live and what it looks like: A white house in the middle of a neighbourhood. ;)

16.How many bedrooms is in your house? 3, but one is an office.

17.How many rooms are in your house? 8, if you don't count the hall.

18.What’s in your basement? We only have a crawlspace.

19.Do you keep your room clean all the time or is it a mess? Relatively clean, but very lived in.

20.Do you wish you could have your own room? I do have my own room.

21.What do you do for fun with your siblings? Imagine them.

22.Do you get mad easily? Can do.

23.Do you cry a lot? Yep!

24.Do you like tuna? I'm no.

25.Is your mother pregnant right now?Nope! That would be really weird.

26.Would you rather go back to the Oregon trail or the Cherokee Indian trail of tears? Please fill me in. What did I miss?

27.Are you part anything (Like, Indian, Irish, and so on)? 1/2 Swiss, and the other half is a mess of celtic/anglo-saxon origins.

28.Do you prefer to Email or written letters? Depends on from who. Usually emails suffice just fine. :)

29.What was the last wedding you attended? I was really little!

30.How many aunts and uncles do you have? 4

31.Are you mad at one of your siblings right now?

32.If you got in trouble and you were given a choice for punishment which would you choose: Not seeing any friends for a month or no computer for a month? Depends on what your definition of friends are. If you just mean people you need/want to see, then that would include music teachers, and I really can't afford to go without them for a month right now, so I would choose computer, but if teachers down count, then I would say first option.

33.How many times have you gotten in trouble? *sheepish grin* Not TOO often, I hope!

34.When was the last time you went out of town? Um, Saturday. For Beethoven!

35.Do you like to play inside or outside better? O.U.T.S.I.D.E.!

36.Do you like to listen to music? Yeeeeeeeessss!!! Now...who might that obsessive person be, Maria? Not ME! :P

37.Do you want to have a big wedding or a small one? Small-ish.

38.Do you want to live in the country or city? Island? ISLAND!

39.How many pen pals do you have? Lots of email-pals. :P

40.Do you say “shut up” or “Be quiet”? When I really want someone to shut their trap, I'm in no mood to say 'be quiet'. Haha!!!

41.If you could have only one of the following for yourself which would you choose: A computer, a Cell phone, An Ipod, or a TV? Laptop. Totally.

42.Which kind of car do you like better: Dodge Viper, Lexus, or Mustang? Those all suck. Toyota any day.

43.What kind of things make you mad? Completely closed-minded people,

44.What kind of things make you happy? Talking to God, vivid people, crisp fall air

45.Do you speak your mind? Uh...yeah. Ha! Unless I don't think the people around me can handle it, in which case I crawl into my invisible turtle shell. :)

46.Do you prefer to talk to old people (Over 60) or people your age? Anyone. Seriously! Although there are some people my age that are awkward to talk to.

47.What do you find more interesting: A Encyclopedia or a dictionary? Encyclopaedia. Fascinating stuff!

48.What would you rather do: Go clothes shopping, or Go to the library and read? Library by far. Shopping is terribly bothersome.

49.Where do you normally read? On my bed, in a cozy chair, outside, anywhere.

50.Do you have a desk in your room? No, I tried that and hated it.

51.Are you smart? Depends on your definition.

52.Do you have good handwriting? Mediocre. It used to suck, but I grew up, I guess.

53.You don’t have to be their best friend, but who is YOUR best friend? This is an awkward question. Can I just say that I like a lot of different people?

54.What is your favorite vegetable? Something crunchy and flavourful!

55.How many brothers do you have and how chaotic is it? None. But I am pretty chaotic for a girl!

56.Does anyone in your family have black hair? Nope.

57.Do you like to dance? Yes, but I'm not so good at it!

58.Can you sing? YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59.If you could go to one of these countries for a month, which one would you go to: Australia, China, Africa, or Europe? Um...Africa and Europe aren't countries! I'd go to Switzerland. :)

60.What is your Dad’s job? Self-employed dental technician. (NOT dentist!)

61.Do you go to work? I teach four music students.

62.Do you like Soccer or football better? Soccer. Football is weird.

63.Do you think this quiz is dumb? Kinda

64.Do you think it’s annoyingly long? Yes.

65.Which would you rather be: A waitress, a teacher, a writer, a Sports player or an Artist? I am an artist, and I am a teacher, and I like to write. I think I can write of ever being a sports player.

66.Do you prefer dark colors or light? Light, but sometimes dark colours work better. For on me, I like BRIGHT colours!

67.Which March girl from little woman are you more like? That's a hard question! Partly Jo, partly somebody else.

68.If someone asked you to play in a movie would you say yes? Not so sure. Don't think so.

69.What exactly do you want to be when your older? Music anything. Teacher, performer, etc. And a Mommy!

70.Who wants more and gets it? Odd question. No one?

71.How many pairs of shoes do you have? Several. Performance, church, day-to-day, summer, etc.

72.How many shirts do you have? No idea!

73.How many pairs of pants do you have? Maybe 8-ish?

73.How many skirts do you have? 8-ish

74.Do you sew? Yep, love to!

75.Which would you rather do: Sing a song in front of a thousand people or write a Novel and try to get it published? Sing, but it would be scary!!!!!!!!!

76.What is your favorite blog? Beautiful Grace, and The Life of CowgirlE, Babyslime

77.Do you blog? Uh, yeah.

78.Has anyone ever thrown surprise party for you? No.

79.Do you laugh a lot? I try to!

80.Have you ever cried in front of other people besides your family? OH yeah! All my teachers, (past, present, and future) friends, etc. etc.

81.Do you like to be annoying? Not particularly

82.Have you been complimented lately? Yep.

83.Have you ever built a snow fort? !!!

84.What is your favorite thing to do in the winter? Hot chocolate. Mmmmm

85.Is there a lot of shouting in your house normally? Nope!

86.How quiet-or loud- is your house right now? I am listening to Beethoven's 9!

87.Have you ever cut someone’s hair? A doll! And mine, when I was little.

88.Have you ever colored your hair? *sniff* No. Well, yeah, with food colouring. Haha!

89.Have you ever had more then 20 people at your house? Don't think so.

90.Favorite kind of toothpaste? Green Beaver!

91.Have you ever written a story? Yes!!! Funnnn!

92.Have you ever gotten anything published? Um...I don't think so, but it's all a blur. My name has been published quite a bit, though! (music)

93.What is your favorite kind of bread? Homemade, home-ground, whole-wheat.

94.Does your Mom work? Around the house.

95.Have you ever had a sleepover with more then 2 people? When I was little we had slumber parties all the time.

96.Have you ever slept in a tent? Yep! Go camp Bob!

97.Have you ever driven a tractor, or at least steered one? *sniff* nope.

98.Do you go shopping a lot? Not really. Although I spent all of Saturday afternoon shopping in little stores and thrift stores, though I never bought anything. That was actually fun!

99.Skirts, dresses or jeans? Jeans/skirts

100.Do you have a dog? 2 cuties.

101.Do you have neighbors within a 1/2 mile of your house? Unfortunately, yes.

102.Do you have a tree fort? I did when I was little at our old house.

103.Do you dry your hair after you shower? What on earth do you need a hair dryer for? We have AIR!

104.Do you eat fish? It is very un-veg.

105.Have you ever played PS2? Haha! No! (PlayStation2, Maria)

106.Have you ever ridden a horse? Yesss!

107.Do you own a horse? *sniff* no. :(

108.Do you own cows? For milk and hugs, yes. For meat: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

109.Do you like garlic? *licks lips*

110.Do you have a nickname for yourself? Chrissi

111.Do you keep a diary? Yes I do. So vital to self-wellness!

112.Are you close to your Mom? Yes. :)

113.Do you own an American girl doll? Fortunately, not.

114.Have you ever gotten lost? Yep!!!

115.What color is your toothbrush? White and blue.

116.What do you do for Christmas? Christmas eve we light candles on the tree and open one or two presents each, read the Christmas story, and eat Belegtebroetli. Christmas morning we open stockings and the rest of the presents.

117.Do you like country music? Never thought I'd say so, but YES!

118.Have you ever sung yourself to sleep? I think so. And cried myself to sleep.

119.Have you ever slapped someone? Haha...I don't think so, but maybe when I was little.

120.What is your favorite uncommon girl name? Emlyn

121.Be honest; How many times a day do you pray? Several

122.Do you, or did you ever, believe in fairies? It's 'Faeries'. And actually...yes.

123.Do you still play “Simon Says?” Only when I have to. (AWSI, assistant swim teaching)

124.What’s your favorite kind of pie? Pumpkin

125.Do you live on a farm? :*( No.

126.How many ways of growing up is there? Plenty, we are all so different!

127.How many times have you seen a movie in the theaters? Not very many.

128.What do you do to relax? Go outside.

129.Have you ever gone strawberry picking? When I was 14 I picked strawberries all summer. I now despise strawberry picking, and feel sorry for whoever had to

130.Do you believe in the “Once saved always saved?” For the truly saved, yes. Yes, yes yes!

131.Do you like getting your picture taken? Yes!

132.Have you ever won a race of any kind? Go-carts at Canada day!

133.Have you ever helped butcher a deer? Not so veg!

134.Are you afraid of anything? A bit, yes. Afraid of failing, mostly.

135.Do you like the snow? Yes, unless it interferes with plans, but generally, I love it!

136.How old are you? 16.

137.Do you wear glasses of any sort? No, not even sunglasses, usually.

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