Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here we are again, and it is Thanksgiving time. (Don't mean to confuse any of you US-ers, but I'm Canadian.) How on earth did that happen? Life, I suppose. But now, we are here, in the middle of autumn, giving thanks to our Creator for the beauties in life. Yes, our world is in economic crisis. Yes, Canada is a frenzy of election preparations for Tuesday, and the states is too, whenever their elections are. We are saddened by things that happen continuously, and over and over, I remember things in our past and look to our future and see dread and sadness. And yet...there is beautify, and freedom, and joy, and love, and hope. HOPE! Think of that! What a thing to be thankful for!!!

I have so much to be thankful for. A home, a family who loves me, wonderful friends (even if they do ALL live far away) incredible teachers, people who love me and hug me, 'my' tiny island, music, opportunities, turning leaves, sunshine, raindrops, pumpkins, and faith. Life! It's exciting.

I give thanks for life, for this precious gift of being able to breathe, being able to stop and feel my heartbeat, that precious life-blood flowing through my body. I give thanks for free will, for the ability to make choices that change my life forever, for the many things I have to choose from when I make those choices. Big choices, little choices. Scary choices, exciting choices. I give thanks for the wildness God put into me, for the crazy dreams that drive me forward, for the glimpses of perfection I see at every turn.

Most of all, I give thanks for the people in my life, near and far, close and not-so-close, old friends, and new friends, people I've met, people I haven't, people I just knew for a few days, and people who met me when I was tiny, family, or not.

Me and Judy in Switzerland this summer

Just to name a few... Mariah, Maria, Camille, Sadie, Lisa, Erica, Tiffany, Gracie, Caitlin, Jessica H., Melissa, Isabelle, Kathleen, Micayla, Sarah, Nadine, Jess F., Julia, Judy, Markus, David, Daniel, Teodora, Vivian, Marianne, Jen, Susan, Rosemary, my Mum, my Dad, and many other people who may not even know how much they mean to me. They may barely know me, and yet...they change me. People like; Iona, Joy, Soozie, Jen G., Josie, Sue, Evelyn, and others.

Me with Nadine in 1993

Me with Nadine in 2008

I know to most of you, they are just names. For you, it is just yet another name in and endless sea of names, and still, behind each name is a person to be thankful for. Only a few of the names live around here, and they are my parents and teachers or the people who barely know me, but somehow each those names I listed have come into my life, they have touched me in some incredible way, and I thank them for that. Everyone of them is a gift, and something to be very, very thankful for indeed.

Me with my handsome cousins: Markus, Me, Daniel, and David

Ooooh, I struggle. I struggle with being ungrateful. I spend days fighting against feeling sorry for myself because I have no one nearby who is as young as I am that I can share my heart with, and yet, when I look at these gifts that I was given, even if they were just for a short, short while, I smile

A cow, Me, and Jess F, in Switzerland

So with that huge thought and wondering, I must leave you with this final note...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy something non-turkey-ish on my veg side. :)

Sheila Christine W.C.G. (Wild Crazy Girl)


Nadine said...

Hi Sheila <3
I like those pictures and it was so much fun to take a picture of us FIFTEEN years later =)
Thank you very much for spending those two days with me (well, almost two days)!!
Miss you a lot!
Love and hugs

Mariah said...

Happy Thanksgiving! This post gave me a great start to my day!

Markus A. said...

Hi Sheila :)
Dont laugh... but i really had some tears in my eyes while reading this...!
It was really amazing to see and speek with you, lorraine and bernhard. I am looking forward to visit you all in Canada, probably with David. But at the moment its just a plan and i am (we are) not sure that its possible to "accomplish" this plan.
I (we) will keep you up-to-date! :)

hugs and greetings to all,