Saturday, November 8, 2008

Frosted Dreams

Hey there!

Just so you know, I uploaded another Youtube video from Oct. 31. Tis far from perfect, and it's unedited, but there it is, if you want it. I'm working on another one, but I've been doing it in sections and my camera/computer keeps eating bits of it. *sigh* It may be a few days.

Anyway, I thought I would just ramble today, because, well...I like rambly posts. Especially after reading Rachel and Merril's blogs. They made me happy. :) Yep, life has its struggles right now, but I'm coming to the point where I realize that no matter which dreams become real, no matter which questions get answered, there are always going to be wrinkles. And that's okay. The wrinkles and the fears and the longings and the hurts are what make us all human. And that's okay. I'm coming to terms with that. I mean, a lot of other people have it a lot worse, physically, than I have it emotionally. It seems like there are a lot of people to pray for. My piano teacher's husband fell off a ladder and hurt himself pretty bad, my Granny just had a small surgery on her bladder, and my Mum's friend has been suffering with chronic pain the last couple months, out of the blue. Ouch!

You know, these bodies just don't last, and that's okay too. I can get a cut, and look at it, and it really hurts, but I can say "Wow, you know, that blood is a beautiful shade of red!" Or I can have an ouchy tummy once a month and say "Hey, you know, that is a beautiful pain, because of what it means." I can step outside into the dingy, murky, grey weather we've been having and say "Wow, look at those beautiful red leaves on the ground.", I can feel the cool air whipping around my face and blowing my hair backward. I can taste the raindrops on my tongue and feel them trickling down my face in an endless stream, and it is beautiful. If I get cold, I can come back to a toasty house and hot tea; if I get hot, I can step outside into our incredible wonderland of drizzliness.

A few days ago, my Mum took me up (well...actually, I drove her. Ha!) to this really neat little crazy place that sells just about everything. (Think goats, if you live here) She bought me a pashmina. It's just beautiful. It's green, and has a big paisley on it, and it's just so ME! I love my Mommy. Yesterday we went out together just for fun, and looked in random gift shops. I love that. I also love how people don't ask me why I'm not in school anymore, when I'm out during school hours. People often take me for 18, so it isn't strange to them. Then we got Starbucks. Tasty.

So sometimes fears and frustrations get in the way, and our dreams become frosted, but time keeps ticking. Beauties keep coming. Challenges keep finding their way into our hands. And opportunities will come.

Life. Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila Christine


Mariah said...

Beautiful post! I like rambling posts, too. :) I would have loved to go with you to random gift shops. I remember when we did that.
Miss You!

Sheila said...

Aww, I wish you'd been there too. That WAS fun going to random shops together! Miss you!


Lisa said...

I tagged you Sheila!

And by the way, good post. :)