Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slightly Scared


In 18 days I'm taking a huge, gigantic, scary RCM History 4 exam. And the day later I have a big, huge, scary RCM Harmony 3 exam. It's feeling really big, huge, and scary! So much that twice today my body has just said "Aaaaahhhhh!" And given me that creepy surge of 'bleh'. Now, this is 18 days from it. I'm kind of wondering how I'll feel the day before.

Sure, the great thing is that in 19 days I'll be done. Yayyy! But I have to go through it first, and for all my hours of studying, there are still things I'm unsure of, and frankly, it's a bit overwhelming.

Any words of encouragement from any and all blog readers would be greatly appreciated.

The slightly-stressed-girl. (Sheila)


Idzie said...

Good luck! I hate tests, as well as having a very strong dislike of the whole test taking culture thing, and all of the judging surrounding it... Which is why I've so far refused to take the Quebec high school leaving exam. My dad is not so hapy with that particular choice of mine, but hopefully it'll all work out...

Dude, I just realized you asked for words of support and I just talked about myself! :-S My apologies... If you've been studying a bunch, I'm sure you'll do fine! Wish I had more to say then that, but oh well. ;-P


jen said...

Hi there Miss Brilliant-test-taker,

To me, looking back, taking these large exams on Music mean three things:
1. Really immersing yourself in the topic, so that you really KNOW it.
That level of "really knowing some topic" is a fantastic way of exercising the finer points of your own mind. Very self-developing. Very worth it for what your brain can do NEXT. :>)
2. Being able to focus on a project, and then bring it to completion teaches you so much of what you're capable of; when you pass the exam you get tremendous, honestly won, self-esteem. You can't buy that kind of bone fide self-esteem. :>)
3. Taking a big exam sets of the same set of nerves and hopes/fears that climbing Everest does. I'm sure of that (even though I've only seen documentaries and read books about athletes who do things like climb Everest). The nerves and demand for concentration and planning are all part of meeting a real life challenge. They help you do a good job, and set you up to do an even BETTER job in the future. You can't buy THAT kind of courage and planning awareness either. It's amazing what you can do once you can rely on your own courage and planning.

So take this to heart.
These things are done to make us stronger, wiser and have more self-confidence. They're worth doing just for that, not to mention you know a whole lot more about music in a very short time.
Hope this helps,
Best, Jen

Cowgirl_E said...

Well I don't have any words of wisdom; sorry - but I'll be praying for you!

You'll do AWESOME. I know it.

Mariah said...

Yeah, I'm not sure what to say either except that I will continue to pray for you! I'm sure you'll do great!

Maria said...

I will totally be praying for you! And by that, I mean pretty much every day.

I do think it is awesome that you're so musically smart. And you have my vote of confidence- I am sure you are going to do great.

And remember what Mariah said in her post about waiting: God will give the strength at the exact moment you need it, not sooner, not later. (She got that from me.)



Sheila said...

You are all amazing. Thank you!!!

Marianne Sadik said...

Good Morning Sheila!
While I wish you the BEST of luck with your exams, as I appreciate that they are important to you, you already know the most important thing about music - how to make it! Everything else that you learn along the way is a bonus - not the be all and end all. Your natural gift for music comes from your heart not your head! Keep these exams in perspective and don't do them for anyone else but you!
Just my 2c,

Anonymous said...

Good stuff; Yes, as Marianne says, keep the exams in perspective! And, as two wise women you know said, you will be learning this stuff throughout your life. The exam is just a hoop you have to jump through, and you WILL!! You have been studying hard, working hard, and you have enough to get through this, even if you don't know it ALL. It will be sufficient, and then you can get back to the real business at hand, again, as Marianne said, making music! and teaching your love of it to others, as you are already doing. This is the gift of God that you are using, the exam thing is just man's system that you have to work with for now. Philippians 4:13 my dear!!! ((((((Sheila)))))) Loves ya,