Tuesday, November 11, 2008

War and Peace

This is not a talk about a great literary work. Actually...this is about




I have been feeling some deep feelings about 'Remembrance Day'. I wasn't going to blog about it, until I read Idzie's blog today. I realized it's actually important, so here I am.

Let me begin by saying I really, really do respect the veterans of war. I read a book once about a man in the RAF who was shot down over Germany, and spent several years in a POW camp. It was amazing, and they truly were on a mission that is to be respected. However...I have become a bit of a pacifist. Don't shoot me yet. ;) It's not that I don't see that sometimes it is necessary to defend our countries. Yeah, I think it is better to DO something that to just sit by and let our houses be bombed, but the thing is that someone has to start the bombing in the first place. I may be 16, and dreaming of Eden, but I think that these thoughts have to begin somewhere. I'm tired of all the killing. I'm tired of people choosing to kill thousands and maim thousands more just so that they can conquer a portion of this tiny planet--this pale blue dot.* Just to come home with medals, to bring 'peace'.

How can one fight for peace? How many pointless wars have been fought? And what did they bring? Broken families, lives plagued by terrifying memories, lost souls. It just isn't worth it! And there is someone else who loves peace:

Matthew 5:9
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Luke 2:14
" Glory to God in the highest,And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased."

There are many unsung heroes, too, not just of heroes of war. There are heroes of music, heroes of the home, heroes of persecution, heroes of politics, heroes of sickness. How often do you hear about them? Do they love their country less? Do they strive for peace less?

What is it we remember today? We remember war, and sorrow, and terror. We remember the defeat of another race. We rejoice in the killing of thousands of innocent people. I don't. Not today. Today I remember the sorrow, and I choose peace for the future. For my own tiny fraction of the population of the earth, I choose peace. I pray for peace.

Sheila Christine

* Note on the pale blue dot video: We are in a privileged position in the galaxy, but the idea is that we are very small, and should not make ourselves more important than we are. And yes, help will come from elsewhere, but I believe he means 'within the galaxy'.


Idzie said...

I really wish there was an easy to accomplish solution to all the worlds troubles... And that video is pretty cool!

Sheila said...

*Hugs back!* *More hugs?*

Sadie said...

I completely agree...thanks for the post! *kisses*

Sadie said...

Oh, and this is really random....but I saw in your "Tagged" post that you said you hate bras...do you wear something else instead (camisoles, etc.)?

~Your random goofy friend,


Sheila said...

Hey Sadie,

Haha...yep. I just wear a cami. :) Does the job. I usually just wear bras for performance.

Goofy just like you,