Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another video!!!

Hey out there!

Made another video...not that the talking part is exciting, and please, if you get through the already-severely-shortened weather forecast at the beginning, it will be more fun. I just wanted to mess around with the editing, and it turned out not bad! Anyone want to guess what the music in the black and white section is from?

Off to knit some more...



Mariah said...

Haha, love the video! :D I was actually thinking about making me a scarf from that pattern. I just came across it this afternoon. All of the sudden I've found a ton of projects I want to do and I don't have enough time!

jen said...

Hi there. Love to see a close up photo of the scarf pattern; can't quite see it in the video.
Also really like the Beethoven's ninth sound track when the snow angels are in black and white film. Very cool editing. Great! J.

Idzie said...

Love the video! And that scarf is simply GORGEOUS! The hat is awesome too. :-)