Saturday, December 6, 2008

More on words

Me showing MY words off in Switzerland.

More on words, but this time you don't have to DO anything. Just listen. :) In my last post, I asked for words about me. Here they are.

Joyful, passionate, enthusiastic, caring, passionate, pensive, loving, intense, Passionate, inspired, loving, silly, beautiful, musical, Fun, enthusiastic, musical, random, Focused, alive, joyful, brilliant, funny, open, caring, gifted, shining, warm, sparkling, kind, generous, appreciative, colourful, wise, thoughtful, fun, sensitive, wistful, observant, fun, sage, clear-minded, caring, happy, Musical, Fun, Eloquent, Natural, Random.

Thank you all! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy, like a little velvet teddy bear!!! :) Now the whole point of that is that I'm trying to think of a more creative, yet entirely unique new blog title. I need something to work from. In any case, while I think, I'm going to fulfill Jen's request. Here are MY words about YOU! (In order of comments) Every word must be taken it its most positive context possible. :)

Isabelle: Opinionated, (in a good way!) excited, happy, friendly, thoughtfull

Lorraine: (My Mommy!) Witty, fun, God-loving, gentle, goofy, sensitive, wise

Mariah: Gentle, kind, sensitive, quiet, fun, hands-on, rescuing. ;)

Anna: Sweet, thoughtful, clever...I don't know you really, really well.

Jen: Musical, enthusiastic, sensitive, wise, excited, fun, hidden

Sadie: Goofy, bubbly, caring, careful, hilarious one else commented! Comment if you want your words. :)

I really do have thoughts coming together for a wise post. :)

Sheila Christine

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Mariah said...

Thanks for the wonderful words with which you described me. :) I liked the rescuing one. ;)