Friday, December 19, 2008

The pattern and the snow


Jen asked to see the pattern close up. I hope she meant the crochet pattern, because the knit is not fit to be seen up close! (yet) :) Here are a few pitures. Like I said, this is an adaptation of the scarf Mariah made for me a couple Christmases ago. What I would like to know, Maya, is how you made it un-curly. Did you crochet the opposite direction for the last row? I can't get it un-curl-i-fied! :-D

Sorry for the across-the-leg shot. :)

For some reason, this will not rotate. Weird but true.

Also, I know you are tired about hearing (wow, you know you're tired when you try to spell 'hearing' as 'hereing'. Ha!) about our snow, but I'm so enamoured, and it is so bizarre that I just have to continue. The roads still really suck, but I had to go down to the dock this morning to pick up some duets and the RCM History 3 syllabus from Susan, and wow, yeah, crazy. Of course, the vehicles down there are all still covered in snow and rather stuck, so I stayed to help her dig the truck out. And she had no shovel. *grin* And I hadn't planned for digging so I was only wearing my thin gloves, and my fingers about froze right off! In any case, we borrowed someone's tiny shovel, and I went at clearing the way behind the truck while Susan and my Dad tried to clear around the truck and get the ice and snow off the top and windows. Insane! I don't think I've ever tried prying a car door open with a shovel before, either. Haaaa!!! Oh my goodness...I'm laughing now, it just amuses me. :-D

The ocean and the snow were beautiful together, but of course, I never thought of bringing my camera. (though I had plenty of time, the ferry was late) Instead, here are a couple pics taken yesterday around the house. :)

Isn't that overhang of snow on the fence amazingly amazing? :D

The credit for this shot actually goes to my Mum. :) Thank you!

As always, hugs from me. :)


Mariah said...

Whoa, those shots of the snow are really cool!! I actually don't really know what I did to the scarf so it wouldn't get curly. Mine just turned out that way. :D

beautifulgraceblog said...

Umm... You guys might have to take snow off soon, otherwise it could get too heavy and damage your house. But I think you need more snow for that to happen.

jen said...

Thanks for the close-ups of the scarf. Marvellous!! We made a video of our snow here on the island.
(in a moment it will be up if you go to)
A Snowy Island Day:


jen said...

Sorry wrong link. Try this one:


Sheila said...

Maria...Ha...we're snow-illiterate. :-D Well, not really, but this MUCH snow is unusual, yes. :) Good to know! I think we're okay though, we had 6 feet about 12 years ago. :)

Jen...WOW! Beautiful video! Looks like the roads are better down there than here! I've heard the roads are better on Susan's island than here too, which is crazy because they are all gravel as well. Go figure...

Lorraine said...

Mum here - yes, that fabulous, National Geographic quality picture is mine - I get allllll the credit mwhaa ha ha (crazy laugh)

Yup, the snow has definitely twisted our minds here.

You goofy - I DON'T need "credit" for that pic!! Go on, try to get famous with it!! :-)

Lisa said...

Wow! That is really cool! I loved the snow pictures! The one with the bird bath looks like a quadruple layered cake on a cake stand. :)