Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in the Sun

Hello again!

The snow is so deliciously pretty. Here are some pictures of it in the sunlight today. It was an amazing day, weather-wise! The roads are all very icy though, and I can actually step onto the street, run, and slide like on a skating rink. It's crazy!

Last night I stepped outside after my parents were in bed, as I do on many nights, and I was completely awestruck. It was frigid, but the untouched snow absolutely glistened in the moonlight. It was like a reflection of the stars above. All those tiny, twinkling sparkles, spread across in millions on the ground, lit up by a reflection of the sun. Amazing, isn't it? I just stumbled around in the snow shaking my head, gazing at the sky, and being mesmerized by the snow. It was incredible. It is moments like that when I just have to sing my worship to my Creator. I didn't care who woke up! (It was midnight)

I felt over-tired today. Mostly from exam preparation and extreme sadness about the choir concert. And partly because I'm a bit stupid sometimes and stay up way too late. :P My eyes must be incredibly fatigued, because they hurt like mad and everything looked like it had water in front of it. Very weird.

Oh! I also got some gorgeous yarn today! I've been crocheting for a couple years now (Thanks Maya!), but I still sucked at knitting, so upon receiving a whole truckload of old knitting needles and patterns from my Granny, I decided I'd better learn properly. So, I have set about the task of properly teaching myself to knit. I can knit and purl now, and at least I'm not dropping too many stitches. :) I'm going to attempt to knit a scarf. I'm also starting to crochet a gorgeous baby blanket for my hope chest. (In other words, I'm making a baby blanket for future babies.) I figure it will be nice to have something like that layed aside. "See baby? I made this when I was 16!" Pretty cool.

And on with the pictures that you are all (hopefully) dying to see...


Small town...

You see the ocean? And my island?

Icy roads...


Mariah said...

Pretty pictures! I remember that bush/plant in the first one. ;) Great idea about the baby blanket! I want to see a picture of what it is going to be like. I hadn't thought of making anything like that. Great idea!

Idzie said...

So beautiful!

I know just what you mean about the snow at night. My favorite memories of Winter are at night just after a snowfall... Words can't describe the magic of a fresh blanket of snow shining in the moonlight.

Anna Naomi said...

Lovely and simply stunning! Snow is so pretty. I know it's cold, but the scenery almost makes it worth it.