Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another scene of beauty from last year.

It's not too often that I share a diary entry with the world, as they are usually just too close to my heart, but for once I actually wrote my feelings down in my diary before writing them on my blog, and they need to be shared!

"Dearest Emily,

Today was a glorious, sun-filled day, with crisp air and a gentle breeze. I went down to the beach. The scene I beheld was o the utmost beauty and splendour, with the crashing waves, white-topped and glistening, and the bright blue sky. Around me the birds cried, and swooped down to rest on those crashing waves. The air, cold but pleasant, tickled my ears , and batted my hair as a kitten with a ball of yarn. How I wish you could have been there! The shadows danced on the pebbly shore, and my eyes feasted on the heavenly scene, unable to be torn away. I saw gren and hazel grasses, dried and withered, fading in the winter sun, and after that, smooth logs, washed by the ever-churning waters. Then stones of so very many shapes and colours, crackling beneath my feet. A small, clear-flowing rivulet finds its twisty way towards the ever-widening expanse of icy water, as if pulled my some fantastic, supernatural force like a child to its mother. The stones conitnue, and sand; and in a winding shoreline they meet the sea. Those crystal blue waters staring at me, calling my name, the tide drawing me forth like a distant lover. Then I see layers of green; island upond island, and mountains, blue and purple, in a misty haze, topped with pure, white snow, so far away, yet touchable. And here, upon the shores, the barren trees sway, and the tall green ones stand majestic, waiting for that unseen, soaring eagle to alight upon it. All this I saw, as I stood there in the sunlight, and he painted it all. ~Sheila C. --"

Interesting, isn't it? Actually, the 'he painted it all' is a double entendre, reffering to a painter who was actually there, painting this amazing scene, and also to the fact that HE, the Creator of all...painted it himself with a perfect brush.

Enjoy some beauty today.

Ten-thousand hugs in tiny sparkling bubbles,
Sheila Christine


Amit said...

Such amazing use of words. One can only praise the endless beauty of HIS paintings :)

Idzie said...

You write beautifully. :-)

Mariah said...

That's beautiful, Sheila! Like you. :)

beautifulgraceblog said...

Wonderful. Is Emily your imaginary sister?

Sheila said...

Maria, yep, that's Emily...but would you say I was crazy if I said she wasn't exactly *imaginary* (in my head) but...like, heart-inary? (in my heart)