Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just wanted to clarify some things about my last post.

First off, I have never thought that ALL nurses or other health professionals were cold and hard-hearted. Never. Just some. And often it's the 'some' that influences the feeling of a place.

Second, I also believe that the hospital is an important, legitimate place!!! I am a certified lifeguard. I can, will, and want to send people to the hospital if necessary. I'm the one who called 911 for my Mum. It was my decision. No one else told me to, or not to. It's just that sometimes it is ill-used.

Third, I was born in a hospital. I may not like what went on, but I admit to being born in one. And also, I was in emergency once for myself. Because I knew I had to be. It wasn't fun. I hated the whole experience, short as it was, but I was there. So...yeah, I've been there. For me.

Fourth, I respect every person who has the will-power to work in places like hospitals. You are amazing, and I look up to you. Even the cold-hearted ones! You've worked hard, learned lots, and many of you show amazing poise in the direst moments.

Fifth, please, I hope that none of you got the impression from my 'release them into endless bliss' comment, that I agree with euthanasia. I DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all my heart I hate it, the same way I hate abortion. I wish I could end it once and for all. Forever and ever and ever.

Sixth, guess what? I think there are some births that should be in a hospital. Yep, I do. Always have, in fact. I even think that there are occasions for induction! It's true. Absolutely, I believe in homebirth, and I believe I always will, but there are cases where it doesn't work. Just like there is the odd person that should go to an institution to be 'educated'. (although on that one I am beginning to waver) A high-risk birth should be monitored, and usually a Mum with Pre-eclampsia should probably be induced.

Usually. Probably. But not always. And the same goes for any other medical procedure. It is a case-by-case thing. Something you should know if you plan to continue reading this blog is that I talk big. When I feel something, I really feel it. Like really, really, FEEL it!!! Which means I use strong words, and express every emotion that is flowing through my being. It's not a slight against you, your profession, your upbringing, your schooling, your birth, your children, your beliefs, or anything else related to you, it is just and exaggerated statement of how I feel in that moment. Please understand that.

Thanks so much everybody!


Idzie said...

Well, I know I for one was not in the least insulted by your last post! :-)

Of course hospitals are necessary, but I wonder if they couldn't be re-thought. Our current hospitals and health care system are not even close to the ideal, in my opinion... I've had to go to them once or twice for myself, and have visited people there, and the atmosphere is just so horrible. I really think the atmosphere of a place has a huge influence on overall health and well being, and it's really a shame that hospitals have the atmosphere they do.

Anonymous said...


I am a nursing student, and I ABSOLUTELY agree that home is the best place for birth if possible. So many people have bad hospital experiences. I am going to school so that I can learn to be a GOOD healthcare provider, and try to help people who choose the have hospital births. If at all possible, however, I will birth my babies at home!


Sheila said...

Anna! Your comment makes me so happy. I have been talking with someone I dearly love lately, but who used to work as a nurse. I would LOVE to hear more about how even as a medical student, you are still a homebirth advocate! This excites me to no end!!!

Thanks so much, I hope to hear from you again,