Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lots happening!

Random pic of me and my flute in Switzerland!

So, lots going on lately!

Been getting back into the music thing, planning all my festival pieces, getting all the forms in, and so on. Nice to be back at it, although I woke yesterday with a nerve or muscle or something all pinched in the right side of my neck/shoulder. Sort of makes it awkward to turn my head to the right. It has improved muchly, but yesterday morning I was making all sorts of noises with every move! Very annoying, as I was trying to get lots done. Didn't end up doing so. :-(

But, today has been good! On Saturday I submitted my resume at the pool, (and forgot to actually put on it that I'd done my WSI! Doh! But they figured it out. Yay!) but of course, what I knew already is that you can't guard alone on deck until you are 17. Grr. So they don't like to hire before then if possible. However...they are short-staffed. So no, I'm not guarding yet, but I have been hired as a 'child-minder' two mornings a week, so that the lifeguards don't have to do it, and it fills in their gaps! I'm contracted until May for four hours a week, and it's really cushy pay, so I'm ecstatic. Makes it so I can have voice lesson every week instead of every other, which is wonderful, too. :-) So I started that this morning, though I just had one child, but she was cute, so it was worth it. :-)

Very blurry but totally awesome and random pic of my Dad and I in Sienna

And last night...Last night!!!!!!!! I started with my new choir. Oh boy is it fun! Though I have to say I really really really miss being directed by Rosemary, but it's nice to be in a choir that is filled up with people who had to work to get there, and who can all sight-read at a reasonable level. We actually sound good when we sight-read! It's a small choir, all young people (17-25), and it's just a blast. We have a fabulous bunch of music, and will be doing a concert with Rosemary's other choir in June. I'm totally stoked. Yeaaaahhhh!!!

Tomorrow is flute and trio, though I'm a little bummed that I haven't been able to practice as much as I would have liked, due to this annoying shoulder/neck thing. It's really put me behind. *sigh* Hopefully I'll be more prepared for next week. Then I can be more excited!!! And...Thursday is voice!!! Yayaya! It was fun, actually, because my festival forms for piano and voice had to be in the mail today, and so I had to go to Rosemary's yesterday to figure out what I am actually going to sing for festival, and her daughter was there, and we had a lot of fun looking at piano music as she's working on ARCT stuff. Fun fun. :)

Actually, I had a little girl (well, she's not so little anymore, she's 13) from church over on Sunday afternoon, and we messed around on the piano and had a lot of fun. She's only in Grade 3/4 RCM, but it was awesome pulling out old stuff. Grade 3 and 4 were amazing. I loved that age!

So. Life is good. And I have some singing to do, so I'm off!!!

Hugs to you all,

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Idzie said...

Sounds like fun, and congrats on the job! :-)