Friday, January 23, 2009


Sometimes emotions get the better of me. Sometimes I cry for a long, long time, just because I must. Sometimes I attempt to carry the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. Sometimes I let it slide away. I am stubborn, and crazy, and shy, and emotional. I take guilt from hidden corners, and tuck it away inside of me...just in case. But then, somehow, me peace.

Through all my self-inflicted emotional turmoil, through all my wrestling with the world and society at large, with all my conflict in thoughts, I have been given the only true blessing: Peace. I believe I must go and thank my Creator now.

Sheila Christine


Idzie said...


Mariah said...

Love you!

Cowgirl_E said...

God is so awesome. Sometimes I almost can't stand how much I am indebted to Him, and how much I love Him.

'Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security' - Jeremiah 33:6

jen said...

Hey Miss Dude! :>)
It's Saturday morning, and we're fog free for one more day, although I hear there may be snow! (( :>o

I just thought of something that might be of help to you.

When I was your age, someone I knew and trusted as an artistic genius told me this:

The whole trick of understanding the world is to follow an object back in time until you can perceive where it "really comes from".

If there's a mug on a table, think for a tiny second about the craftsman who made the mug, and the clay when it was wet, and then where the clay probably came from, the silt at the bottom of a pool, and then think of the rock that got sluiced by the mountains to pulverize that clay, and then the core of the mountains and what they are made of...etc. and then rise back up through the layers to the mug on the table and hold those layers in your mind.

It's like the lily in your photo; it's arising from layer upon layer.

It's like the images you use when you play music; they're telling a story and the timeless core is always springing from a well inside the earth.

Cool eh?
Makes me feel all creative again--and zoom, everything's alright.

Hope this helps, J. :>D

jen said...

I forgot to say:

"If all else fails, stand outside and look up at the sky".

This is a terrific antidote to the blues! :>)

Best, J.

Sheila said...

"If all else fails, stand outside and look up at the sky".

I do it all the time, and every time, it works. Glad to hear I'm not alone, nor crazy. Thank you SO much for your encouraging words, Jen! Wowoww!

Thanks girls, you are awesome.

jen said...

Glad to help out. Best, J. :>)

jen said...

check out today's post here:

Very apropos. Best, J.

beautifulgraceblog said...

1 Peter 5:7, or so I think. For all I remember, it might not even be related.