Thursday, January 8, 2009

People in Need--Who cares?

Who cares? Isn't it a good question? Who really is in a position to care, and who should be in a position to care about people in need?

During the pre-Canadian-election frenzy back in October, I joined an anti-Harper Facebook group. They have continued piling my Facebook inbox up with many notes about political things, but this latest one sickens me.

"Help End Child Poverty in Canada!" it reads. A good thing, an important thing, actually, but it continued like this: "You may or may not be aware of this but in 1989 Parliament promised to end child poverty by the year 2000. It is now 2009 and the situation hasn't improved at all. In some areas it is worse."

Isn't that nice of them? The government wants to end poverty! Wouldn't that be nice! But wait! Hang on! Who's job is it to end poverty?

Who's job? What looks more friendly? Is it really the government's job to hand out money and pat the little kids on the head; "Oh Johnny, look, we're here to rescue you!" No. I don't think so! It is the job of the people to take responsibility for those on their own level. Besides, it doesn't look like the government is capable of achieving this feat. Help from the Government is nice, yes, but it should not look like this:

People in need don't need a shower of gifts, they need help from those on their own level, on their own playing field. When I questioned the note I got this morning, the response talked about how we taxpayers give to the government so that they can do something nationwide. Nationwide? How would you like it if every person was handed exactly the same thing--nationwide? Maybe that sounds glorious, but it isn't. Each person is an individual, and as much as we are all equal in status, in personality we are not, and from that perspective, we should not be 'treated equally'. Democracy or not, help should be given on an individual, caring, person-to-person basis, not a government-to-society basis. Like this:

They should help us help them. The response to my thoughts continued like this: "[T]he government' is supposed to be the people... The fact that the government has become something else - something apart from the people and carrying out it's own will or that of large corporations is a problem that needs to be addressed, but in the mean time we can't stop telling them what the will of the people is."

Right. But the will of the people should be to minister person-to-person because we care, not through a nationwide blanket program that covers everything and everyone the same way.

It is not the government's job!!!

Am I making sense? I hope so. Seeing as I think all this, let's find some resources...

Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Salvation Army

That is just two. And every country has it's own organizations. Find them. Find the individual-to-individual things you can get involved with close to home. Help. Lend a hand. Lend a heart. Be wise. Get out there and do something for the people!!!

Hugs forever,


Idzie said...

I definitely agree that the most effective way to make a difference is to get out there and do it, not rely on others (including the government) to do it for you. And thanks for this, since it reminds me I need to keep looking for cool volunteer opportunities... I used to volunteer all the time, but I haven't in ages. :-(

Maria said...

You got it right. It is not the government's job to hand out anything. Forget about Social Security, public education, food stamps, minimum wages, and all that rot. The private sector can do it all better. The government's job is to protect the people, not provide.


Mariah said...

So true! My government book has been talking about this lately. Government has been trying to do this, give to the needy, for a while. And it hasn't been helping. They take money from the people that work hard for it, then give it to those that need money. But, they don't know what kind of people they are giving it to! It could be a family that really needs it and is just having a hard time, or it can just be giving it to someone who doesn't even try. Also, in the past it shows, when the government doesn't tax the people so much, the people GIVE! They do what is right. Churches, charities, and places like that do much better. Even when people were having a hard time with money, they would still give when they didn't have to worry so much about taxes. Here in the US big government has been taking over more and more areas, and let me tell you, it's not helping in most of them.
Hey!! I actually remembered stuff out of my school textbooks, cool! :D
Great post, Sheila!