Friday, January 30, 2009

So it's been a while! I've just been really living this week. It's been wonderful. Yes, I've done plenty of practicing, especially on piano, and have been delving into the harmony like nuts, I went to flute lesson and trio and choir, worked 4 hours, taught for 2 and a quarter hours, but I also read two fabulous books, wrote incredible stuff that seemed to just flow from my fingertips, had lengthy discussions about fascinating subjects with strangers, read the Greek mythology I missed in 'grade 5', spent time with family, going for tea with my Mum, watched videos on homebirth, listened to music, ran in the sunshine, wrote letters, and just enjoyed being me.

Ha! How's that for a week? Actually, I had no kids this week at work, I just set up, watched swim lessons, read in my book, and worked on harmony. Ha! Everyone is sick! (Including me, I'm still trying to get rid of my congestion and wasn't able to go to voice yesterday either!) This is what my set up looks like...

It gets a little tiresome without the kids though. :-( Ah well. Today has been a sunshine-y week nonetheless. (Though weather-wise it's been cloudy most of the time)

So, I know that some of you know of the book by Lois Lowry called 'The Giver'. Incredible book, I read it last year. Deals with some HUGE topics in a very beautiful way, in an incredibly imaginative, yet fabulous story. Hard to describe, but totally, you have to read this book! So I got out two other books by Lois Lowry. The first one I read is called 'Gathering Blue', and is also a total must-read. What can I say? It's a fabulous, fabulous book. I have to say, though, both are rather odd. Suits me fine!!! Hahaaa! Then I read her book called 'The Messenger'. It is also good, and actually sort of ties in a few people and storylines from 'The Giver' and 'Gathering Blue', which is neat, and while it is also an important read, I found it almost too weird. The first half is fabulous, the second half is slightly laboured. Very strange, but very wonderful books, in any case!!! Easy reads, but somehow the subject matter is adult, because they deal with societal breakdown and the problems on each end of the spectrum, whether too perfect, or too horrid. Fascinating.

In any case, I thought I should pop in and make a post about something interesting for you all. Tomorrow I intend to go outdoors and stay there for a while, barring sleet and snow! :-)

Many hugs,
Sheila, the crazy girl on an island in the middle of the ocean.

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Lorraine said...

Hi There,

Even though it's technically "next week" now (from your blog post's point of view)... I just finished the "Gathering Blue" and sequel, "Messenger" by Lowry, and really enjoyed both books. I don't have a problem with the wierdness of these stories because they are allegorical. The author forshadowes a saviour-figure, starting back in "The Giver", and culminates it all in "The Messenger" - some interesting parallels to our real Saviour, Jesus Christ: selfless giving, redemtion of people and the earth etc., although obviously the comparison breaks down very badly in too many ways to elucidate here. Too bad she did not point to the One who actually DID have victory over sin and death - once for all, who will recieve.